The Hidden Blessings In Rejection

We are programmed to associate the word rejection with failure and we are wired to believe that rejection is a direct reflection of our own shortcomings or our inability to get what we want.

Because when people pray for us, they don’t pray that we get rejected and when we get rejected, people try to comfort us because we are taught to believe that rejection is painful.

And I’m not saying rejection isn’t painful but it’s not necessarily bad for us, if anything, it’s actually better for us.

I look back at the times I was rejected from something and how I eventually found something better and wondered why I can’t learn to embrace rejection and take it as an opportunity to grow.

Why do we have to feel guilty for getting rejected? Isn’t rejection another word for trying?

You might not get the job you want, but you will get the job you need.

You might not be with the person you love, but you will end up with the person you adore. 

You might think that rejection means you’re not good enough, but rejection means you’re better than whatever or whoever rejected you.

Why can’t we see the blessings in rejection? Why are we only looking for the instant gratification of the word ‘yes?’ Given that many times ‘yes’ broke our hearts too and left us with nothing.

We contradict ourselves because we keep saying that if something is meant for us, it will find us, yet we can’t seem to shake rejection off, we can’t stop it from crippling us when it comes to taking risks and loving ourselves.

Rejection is also fate telling us that some things are not meant for us and if they were, we wouldn’t have been rejected.

And ironically, rejection can teach us how to accept ourselves.

It teaches us that life won’t always go our way but we will still survive, it teaches us that no matter how hard we want something, it still might not be ours and it teaches us that it can sometimes save us from something we were not prepared to handle.

Rejection is another word for redirection.

Because it’s not rejection that puts you down, it’s the way you handle it. You can either get discouraged or think that something is wrong with you or you can believe that it’s a blessing in disguise preparing you for something bigger than what you wanted for yourself.

Rejection teaches you that the only approval you really need is yours — once you have that, nothing else matters. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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