Sometimes Happiness Is Found In Losing Things Instead Of Having Them

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Elliott Dunning

We think happiness is always tied to getting things; getting the job we want, the car we want, the shoes we want or the person we like. We think we will be happy once we get certain things and we want to have them right away.

But the more things didn’t work out for me, the more I realized that happiness can be found in losing things instead of having them, that sometimes I could want what might potentially destroy me.

Sometimes happiness is found in letting things go; when you don’t fight too hard, when you don’t obsess over things you can’t control and when you don’t try to change something that is fixed or something that will not be adjusted according to your own frame of expectations.

Sometimes happiness is found in losing people you loved, because you don’t have to feel like you’re the one who cares more or you’re the one who is more invested or you’re the one who keeps bending and breaking to keep things going.

Sometimes happiness comes from short-term sadness.

Sometimes happiness is found in getting what you were resisting, because you learn that you can survive and you learn to battle your fears and conquer your doubts. Sometimes you get opposite of what you prayed for so you can change your direction, change your path and change your life.

Sometimes happiness is found in confusion, when you try to be grateful for the few things that are going right, when you try to laugh amidst the irony of it all and when you learn to enjoy the simple moments that you used to take for granted when everything was going right.

Sometimes happiness comes when we’ve lost all hope and set ourselves free from the rules we inflicted on ourselves and all the plans we made.

Sometimes happiness is found when you cease to look for it, when you stop trying to gain things to make you feel whole, when you stop running after those who were not able to love you, when you stop putting too much pressure on controlling your fate or controlling your future and when you stop expecting happiness to manifest itself to you exactly the way you want it.

Sometimes happiness is found when everything you wanted gets taken away from you.

And sometimes happiness is found when you set it free, when you don’t tie it to things or people, when you let it bestow its gift upon you at the right time.

Happiness comes when you stop caring about what’s happening around you and start caring about what’s happening inside you. TC mark

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