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25 Promises You Should Make To Yourself Today For A Better Tomorrow

Of all the promises we make, the most important ones will be the promises we make to ourselves and how we plan on keeping them. Here are 25 promises you should make to yourself today:

1. Promise yourself to accept who you are now until you work on being the best possible version of yourself.

2. Promise yourself  to let love in when it knocks on your door no matter how many times you’ve been hurt before. Promise yourself to let love heal you.

3. Promise yourself to walk away from the relationship you don’t deserve.

4. Promise yourself to leave a place you don’t belong in: a job, a country, an apartment…just leave.

5. Promise yourself  to appreciate your friends and your family and everyone you love and show them how much they mean to you.

6. Promise yourself  to forgive yourself for your past mistakes and failures and start over with a solid heart.

7. Promise yourself  to be kinder to yourself and give yourself the same amount of support you would give others.

8. Promise yourself  to do more of what makes you happy, even if you have to do it alone.

9. Promise yourself to tell someone how you really feel about them if they can’t make you sleep at night.

10. Promise yourself to try harder to do what you love and turn your life around.

11. Promise yourself  to let the toxic people in your life go.

12. Promise yourself to let the toxic thoughts in your mind go.

13. Promise yourself  to be a lot more spontaneous and a little less calculated.

14. Promise yourself  to live a life that feels right to you not anyone else.

15. Promise yourself  to find something good in every painful experience.

16. Promise yourself  to find happiness in the smaller things in life.

17. Promise yourself to take good care of your body and take good care of your mind.

18. Promise yourself  to forget what’s behind you and start appreciating what’s in front of you.

19. Promise yourself to stop comparing your life to others.

20. Promise yourself  to listen to your gut when it warns you about something.

21. Promise yourself to help someone when they need you.

22. Promise yourself to pick your battles wisely.

23. Promise yourself  to start facing your fears.

24. Promise yourself to start believing in miracles.

25. Promise yourself to keep as much of these promises as you can. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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