15 Toxic People Living Inside You And How To Get Rid Of Them

Unsplash Christopher Campbell
Unsplash Christopher Campbell

1. The perfectionist. The one who wants you to be perfect and expects nothing less. Let the perfectionist go and embrace growth and self-improvement instead because perfectionism paralyses us and makes us feel like we are always falling short of our ideals.

2. The controller. The one who wants to control everything in your life and gets all flustered when things change. Sometimes, it’s better to let things happen the way they are supposed to instead of the way we pictured them to be. We can only control our thoughts and attitudes, other than that, we need to let life be.

3. The insecure. The one who needs the approval of others to survive. We should give up our unhealthy attachment to the validation of others or trying to please everyone. We can only be true to ourselves and welcome those who like who we really are.

4. The mathematician. The one who keeps comparing you to others and calculating how far behind you are and how many years it will take you to be successful. Give up thinking that people are living better lives or are more successful. Everyone has their own path, and the best thing you can do is work on yourself and stop focusing on others.

5. The love repeller. The one who tells you that you have to find the one by a certain age and that you are a failure at love. The only way to find the one is to keep an open heart to love and fate. Following a timeline or feeling resentful because we couldn’t find the one by 25 or 28 or 30 is really going to prevent us from moving forward and enjoying our love lives.

6. The victim. The one who can’t stop asking “why me?” Start living life with its ups and downs. We all get our share of joy and pain but eventually everything falls into place.

7. The enemy. The one who always belittles you and hates everything you do and thinks you’re ugly. Replace the enemy with the friendlier voices in your head that actually like you, support you and think you’re doing great.

8. The cool dude. The one who wants you to desperately fit in and be chill and cool. The one who doesn’t want you to express your emotions or listen to your feelings. Every time we pretend to be someone else, we take away from our uniqueness and what sets us apart.

9. The worrier. The one who worries all the time, affects your mental health and causes you distress. Give the worrier a break by looking back at all the times you were worried about something and it never happened. Start feeling good about the things that you are so worried about. Everything will be fine.

10. The resentful. The one who keeps holding grudges and doesn’t want to let go. Try to be forgiving and realize that the ill feelings you hold will only harm you not anyone else.

11. The party pooper. The one who doesn’t think any good thing will last. The one who keeps sabotaging good things before they even begin. We deserve happiness, and we deserve long term happiness. Don’t invite the party pooper to your party.

12. The narcissist. The one who thinks you are the greatest thing walking on the face of the earth. The one who thinks you are entitled to be mean, inconsiderate and disrespectful. Realize that modesty and kindness are the keys to success and great relationships. You are not better or worse than anyone.

13. The ungrateful. The one who is never content with anything, who only wants more and can’t be grateful for whatever it is you have now. Be thankful for the great things in your life and grateful for the tough experiences that made you stronger and wiser.

14. The fearful. The one who is scared of the future, of the unknown and of tomorrow. Take one small step and watch the path reveal itself. Even if you are scared, don’t let it stop you from facing the fear inside you and try to conquer it.

15. The predictable. The one who wants to play it safe all the time, the one who doesn’t want to take risks or go on adventures or try new things. There is so much beauty that lies in the unpredictable, and we should always be open to surprises. We should always be a more daring and stop settling for a predictable and mundane life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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