15 Things You Should Stop Settling For To Thrive In Life

“The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for. ”― Maureen Dowd

Twenty20 bettercallrafa
Twenty20 bettercallrafa

1. The job that sucks the life out of you, or the one that no longer challenges you or makes you grow. You deserve to love your job. You deserve to wake up and feel motivated and feel like you count. Because you do.

2. The friends you’re always doing favors for but they hardly ever give back in return. You deserve friends who do the same for you and friends who appreciate your kindness.

3. The person who makes you feel invisible. You deserve to be with someone who sees you and someone who appreciates your presence.

4. The relationship you have with someone who is not treating your right. You deserve to be treated with respect and you deserve to be with someone who makes you feel nothing short of amazing.

5. The house that no longer feels like home. You deserve to be in a house full of love and a home that makes you feel safe.

6. The passive life you’re living; the one that makes you feel like you are running around in circles. You deserve to live a life of passion and purpose.

7. The fear that holds you back from getting out of your comfort zone. You deserve to live a daring life, full of more adventures and less regrets.

8. The unresolved problems in your life, the ones you accepted and allowed them to define you. You deserve to grow out of your problems and try to find a solution for as many of them as you can.

9. The words you left unsaid. The ones that you’ve been keeping to yourself for years. You deserve to say them and feel them and do whatever you want with them.

10. The feelings you keep hiding— the ones you subside because you want to please people or the ones you forgot existed. You deserve to feel everything so deeply, you deserve to be vulnerable and not get judged for it.

11. The pain you accepted as part of your life. The pain that was passed on to you from your parents or your past relationships or your friends. You deserve to let go of that pain, you deserve to get over the way it makes you feel, you deserve to forget about it every time you are faced with a similar scenario.

12. The lies you tell yourself so late at night–the fight with yourself that you will never win. You deserve to sleep peacefully at night. You deserve to have happy thoughts before you sleep.

13. Procrastination–how it is stopping you from getting the body you want, or the job you want or the certificate you want. You deserve to be active in pursuing your goals and dreams, you deserve to wake up in the morning and be able to get things done.

14. ‘One day.’ All those goals, dreams and activities that you keep putting off for someday or one day. You deserve to try to make that someday today, even if you fail, you deserve to keep trying to make your life exciting.

15. Sadness. Sadness is part of life, but so is happiness. Don’t settle for sadness as a friend, choose happiness instead, you deserve to be happy. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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