10 Signs You Definitely Aren’t Cut Out For A Desk Job (Like, At all)

Twenty20 DougOlivares
Twenty20 DougOlivares

1. Showing up to an office at a certain hour just to please your boss seems like the dumbest time management strategy ever.

You get antsy if you have no say whatsoever in how you manage your time. Structure does not make you more productive. If anything, it’s counter productive in your case. You don’t want to wake up to an alarm, or waste your time running new ideas by 10 different people before you can actually get things done.

2. The very sight of an Excel spreadsheet triggers beach centric daydreams.

You feel trapped in front of your computer. Your mind always wanders to thoughts about exotic places and adventures not yet taken. You feel immobilized sitting on an uncomfortable chair for eight hours straight. You are physically in the office, but spiritually, you are somewhere else far, far away.

3. You crave the freedom (and the actual space) to do cartwheels whenever you please.

You prefer working when no one is watching or micro-managing. You need an open environment with fewer distractions, and fewer chatty coworkers taking conference calls right next to you. You are more focused and productive when you have more room for your thoughts and less room for office politics.”

4. You can’t think inside the box, let alone sit inside one.

As a creative, you’re always thinking about the next big thing. That scenery you drove by this morning made you want to paint or write. That song you listened to last night made you want to produce music. That movie you watched a few days ago sparked some ideas you would really like to pursue. You’re stifled by office life.

5. The only dress code you’ll ever adhere to is: PJs and sweats.

You are not a big fan of suits and ties. Formal dresses and heels are reserved for special occasions. The idea of wearing fancy clothes daily is more daunting than pleasurable. You miss your denims and your loose t-shirts, or your yoga pants & flip-flops.

6. You much prefer faces to machines.

There is a difference between working with people and working for people. If you get more inspired by talking to people and learning more about their work or about them as individuals, then you fall into the former category. Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations be damned!

7. You want to blast “It’s My Life” by Bon Jovi whenever the hell you feel like it.

You are way too alive to be stifled by rules about when you can and can’t play loud music. You want to blast Justin Bieber at your leisure. And break out into laughter without concern for disrupting your neighbors. You are too gregarious to be muffled by rules. In fact, rules suck the energy out of you.

8. You’re way more invested in your G-chats than actual chats with your colleagues

You loathe making small talk with your coworkers and work gossip doesn’t interest you whatsoever. The highlight of your day is usually something that happens outside of the office. Your lunch hour is your favorite hour. You are more excited about social media than work emails.

9. You want to balling like a BOSS.

You are always dreaming about the day you get to be your own boss and have a fabulous work space that you’ve designed yourself. You want to be able to make the big bucks and travel the world and you know in your gut that a desk job won’t fulfill your dreams. Sometimes, that thought is the only thought that keeps you going every day.

10. Your absolute least favorite word is “Monday.”

And Tuesday. And sometimes Wednesday. Some days you are not so sure about Thursday, either. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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