21 Reasons Why I’m Still Not Married

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1. Because I may not be completely happy with who I am and I would like some time to explore what I have to offer to the world.

2. Because I still haven’t found the one for me and I will not settle just because the clock is ticking.

3. Because marriage is not a game and I will not play for a proposal.

4. Because I don’t want a divorce after six months.

5. Because marriage is not associated to a certain age or a certain culture.

6. Because my heart is still healing.

7. Because I still can’t picture who I want next to me on my wedding day.

8. Because even though my mom wants grandkids and my dad wants to make sure someone out there will take care of me, I am still not ready for all of that.

9. Because I will not live with someone before I connect with him emotionally, intellectually, and master the art of his imperfections.

10. Because the hook-up culture has ruined it for all of us.

11. Because I still haven’t found the one who falls in love with my scars.

12. Because I am strong enough to live by myself-at least for now.

13. Because as much as I hate loneliness, it gives me the sweetness and safety I long for.

14. Because I refuse to believe that all marriages are hard and love is dead.

15. Because I am not willing to compromise my soul to please society.

16. Because I’m more concerned about the marriage than the white dress and the wedding day.

17. Because I still want to dance and write and laugh and sing and I don’t want anyone to suppress all of that.

18. Because God is still finishing my story before he lets someone else read it.

19. Because my friends are not more “aggressive” or “smarter” than I am for settling down early; they simply want different things in life than I do.

20. Because I am not too “demanding” or too “picky”; I am just trying to find the one who makes me smile.

21. Because I am not a hopeless romantic, I just believe in love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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