Why We Have To Keep Hoping Even When Everything Seems Hopeless

Roberto Nickson
Roberto Nickson

There are so many things in this world. Each individual is given a life, whether you believe it was given from God, the evolutionary theory or from some other way. The most important thing is that you are here and are breathing.

There are many who die either in war, patients who have cancer amongst other life battling diseases, a sudden death, fatal injuries as well as other incidents.

If you are alive right now do not take that for granted. Each breathe that you take should be cherished, one should acknowledge their mere existence. Live your life and seize the day. You have today and this day and date will not come back, so grab today by the palm of your hand and just exist. Life is not going to promise you an acceptable or satisfactory life, neither will it vow to be an inadequate or dreadful one.

Life will let you have your moments, some will be extraordinary and wonderful whereas others will be painful and awful. Nonetheless people will experience the good and bad life has to offer at some stage in life. The happy moments and the sad moments will come and go, but never take either for granted. Those tears will make you stronger and that laugh will make your heart feel lighter.

So, whatever moment you are going through right now just remember it is not permanent. Life only promises you one thing which is change, so your pain will turn into laughter sooner or later, just stay strong for a little while.

This is not a way for me to tell you all, life is full of butterflies and rainbows, but to let you know there is still hope, it is somewhere embedded inside of you and I need you to find it and cling onto it.

Hope is what will get you through, make it your best friend. Hope is in your smile, it is in your heart, one sees it in their loved ones, and most importantly it is in your strength and determination.

The fact that each individual gets up everyday and continues to live that is hope, eating is hope and belonging to this world and life is hope. It may not seem like a lot, but it is getting people through and for now that is okay. Everyone should be able to cry, feel defeated and endure a sense of emptiness inside.

However one should know that they have to pick themselves up after a certain amount of time. If a person needs to go talk to a professional they should, if they need to confront someone they should and if they need to be surrounded by those they love they darn right should. You are not alone, you are a fighter, and a part of so many. Do not let anyone tell you that your sadness or happiness is worthless. How one feels or what one undergoes is yours and you are the judge of your emotions and feelings. Our mind is a complex structure, we are all always fighting against or with it. All of us have the ability to conquer our battles, so never stop.

Take it one day at a time, when it physically hurts just remember to not give in, pull through. It may feel like there is no answer nor a cure, just remember in such times to look for optimism. Search and find your happiness, it will not come in an instance or in a month, but you will get there and will find it. Try to laugh and love a little. Wake up each day and remind yourself you are so much more than these four walls.

You are a friend, mother, daughter, father, son, cousin, confidante, sister, niece, nephew, grandchild, brother and so many other things. There is no remedy or easy fix which I know can drain as well as frustrate you, but sweet friend, you will overcome. Let the world and light shine through. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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