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23 Important Life Lessons, As Told By A 23-Year-Old

1. You can’t always please everyone, and that’s completely okay. It might take a while to get used to it, but you’ll get there.

2. Self-care is not always about long baths and scented candles. Sometimes, it’s also about shutting yourself off from the world until you’re ready to face it again.

3. Being vulnerable never means that you’re weak. If anything, you’re stronger than most to let your feelings show.

4. Standing up for yourself does not equate to you being a bad person. It means that you care about yourself.

5. It’s important that you look after yourself before you decide to look after anybody else.

6. Always tell people how you feel—there is no way around it.

7. Your parents are not superheroes. They’re people, just like you are and they might screw up sometimes, like you do.

8. If you let people walk over you once, they’ll keep doing it until they crush you to the core.

9. Don’t believe the people who say that they’re going to be there for you, believe the people who actually are.

10. Nobody is going to love you like you do.

11. Nice people aren’t necessarily good people, so make wise choices.

12. You’re not the only one. Everybody has something they’re dealing with. Nobody has it all figured out.

13. There is nothing more powerful in the world than a warm hug from a loved one.

14. Always be good to others—you don’t know why someone is the way they are.

15. You don’t always have to talk or counsel others; sometimes, listening can make all the difference.

16. Don’t make promises you can’t keep.

17. If people stop liking you for saying “no” when you’re not okay with something, maybe you should reconsider having them in your life.

18. It’s okay to seek help when you feel like you can’t take care of something on your own.

19. The only person who can measure your growth is you.

20. People who love you will always love you, even on the days when you think that they don’t.

21. The right choices are never going to be easy.

22. It’s okay to break down every once in a while—it makes space for more thoughts in your head.

23. The world is still a beautiful place.

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