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There Is Nothing Beautiful About Depression

Sleeping all day long and missing classes, leaving exam hall without finishing your test, losing your appetite, not taking calls – I’m sorry, but I seem to not see the beauty in that. Normal everyday activities become too hard to follow, what is so good about that?

Your Prince Charming Will Never Come

Build your own castle if you want to live in one and don’t let anyone, and I mean anyone come in the way of your happiness. Make mistakes, fall on the ground, curse hard, and let your hair loose, sweat like a pig for all I care. Do whatever it takes to keep that smile on your face.

To The People Who Shaped My 2016

There’s been betrayal, disappointment and ignorance – that is how I would like to define my 2016 at college. I’ve tried and I’ve tried, I just don’t know what else a person is supposed to do to get an ounce of happiness.

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