When Everything Feels Too Heavy and Unfair in Life, Read This

I Thank The Lord That Life Isn’t Fair

Life isn’t fair.

You must’ve heard that said at least once in your life, or maybe you, yourself have said or felt that. That sad, sinking feeling leading to the realization that, indeed, life is not fair.

I’ve said that so many times in my life. But now when the thought crosses my mind, I try my best to remember to say, “Thank God!”

Thank God for the missed opportunities. They taught me to take advantage of what is being presented in front of me, and to be brave enough to gamble if that might mean something that will change my life.

Thank You, Lord, for the people and things that slipped from my grasp. They made me appreciate what I still have and know for sure what or who will remain.

Thank You for the closed doors. They trained me to accept that not everything I want is what is best for me, that not everything my heart desires is meant for me.

Thank You for the delays. They allowed me to learn patience and hard work, but most of all, trust. Trust in You. That everything will happen in Your time, and not according to my timeline.

Thank You for the disappointments, the frustrations, the pain, and the heartaches. They forced me to be strong, and most of all, to be resilient. To rise after each fall and to help others do the same.

Thank You for the failures and the lessons learned. They showed me how life is fair in the sense that after each failure, every succeeding minute is another chance for a do-over.

Thank You for the times I’ve been judged, criticized, and questioned. They inspired me to better myself and led me to finding who I am and who I want to be.

Thank You for the loss, whether it be people or things. They emphasized the fact that life indeed is short and that we should cherish every moment and truly live while we still can.

Thank You Lord for not always making life fair. For allowing us to experience hardships so we may appreciate everything we worked hard for. Thank You for forcing us against the wall at times to teach us to not rely on ourselves but on You.

Thank You Lord for letting us know that in the most unfair of times, we always have You. And if that fact still does not make life fair, I don’t know what does. Thought Catalog Logo Mark