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Life Wouldn’t Be The Same Without A Great Sister To Share It With

I cannot remember a time in my life that did not have you in it. From the time my brain started creating memories, up until the present, you are the only one that’s constant. 

I remember how I used to want to be an only child. It would have been great not to share anything with anyone. But looking back, I know, my childhood wouldn’t be as fun if I did not have you. And contrary to my desire to have everything to myself, I shared everything with you: a room, clothes, friends. We shared stories, secrets, dreams. You always had my back and I got yours.

Sometimes I wonder, if I didn’t have you, how would life have turned out?

Who would I have shared my stories with, both fiction and fact? Who would’ve listened patiently when I was on repeat? Who would have put me in my place? You rarely call me out, but you spoke your mind when the need arose, and I’m glad you did. And no matter what mess I found myself in, you never judged.

Being my sister must be a grueling, arduous, exhausting task. I was one difficult person right from the start. The pressure to be a good daughter must have been immense since I already took your share of mischief. At times you had to take the backseat and you seemed to have embraced it. You never once complained.

Yet despite all my faults, I should have done something good in my life to be blessed with someone like you. You are not only my sibling, you are my best friend. You are my confidante, my cushion, my motivator. I know I tell you often how much I appreciate you, but I think you will never really know how much.

Thank you for the late night chats. Thank you for the childhood memories I’ll carry in my heart forever. Thank you for making me believe in myself and for believing in me, for generously sharing your time, your love, yourself. Thank you for being a part of my life and for letting me be a part of yours.

I think I know why God put you in my life. I understand now why He chose to give me a sister. He knew I’d need something to lean on every so often, so He gave me a rock. That rock is you. TC mark

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