5 Polish Cities That You Should Not Miss When Visiting

Recovering from its communist past, Poland has become a major part of the European Union. Its infrastructure is getting better and despite the greyness of the pictures in your head coming from cold-war era footages there are plenty of colorful places there. Here are 5 cities not to be missed:

1. Cracow

image - Anosmia
image – Anosmia

Cracow is without a doubt one of the most famous and most visited Polish cities. Called by many the cultural capital of Poland – this city is famous not only for its bohemian atmosphere, great theatres, galleries and museums, but also because of the unique blend of tradition, history and modernity. The city is also well-known because of the fantastic cafes, pubs and restaurants where you can spend time with friends. Whatever your reason for coming to Cracow, one thing is certain – you will not get bored!

2. Warsaw

image - hsivonen
image – hsivonen

Founded in the late 13th century, Warsaw and the city’s central marketplace were the heart of Polish culture for five centuries. The original Old Town Market Place was destroyed in World War II but was carefully reconstructed almost immediately after the war ended. The market square features a bronze sculpture of the Warsaw mermaid, the symbol of Poland’s capital.

3. Poznan

image - Paul Papadimitriou
image – Paul Papadimitriou

Poznan – by many considered as a stop between Berlin and Warsaw, by others considered as a great place for doing business. However, this city has definitely much more to offer for all kinds of people. Those of you interested in history and culture will be in awe of great monuments of history and museums with exceptional exhibitions. For those who prefer to move a lot and to be active there are plenty of green areas with lakes, forests and parks where all kind of sports can be done.

4. Wroclaw

image - Olgierd Pstrykotwórca
image – Olgierd Pstrykotwórca

Wroclaw, capital of the Lower Silesian Voivodeship, by many considered as one of the oldest, most beautiful and greenest cities in Poland. Whatever the truth is, you can be sure that once you visit it you won’t forget it quickly. Some tourists and visitors call it WrocLove – probably because of their personal love stories and their strong feelings toward the city. This place in Poland is also exceptional because of the wide range of nightlife and cultural activities, so you better prepare for a great amount of walking, coffee drinking and partying instead of sitting in one place, staying at home and sleeping.

5. Gdansk

image - Denys Zadorozhnyi
image – Denys Zadorozhnyi

The cheerful maritime city is popular with both tourist and holiday destination. Situated by the sea, it has a gentle climate and beautiful beaches. A famous seaside resort Sopot is nearby. The exclusive architecture of the Old Town, including the largest brick Gothic church in the world is undoubtedly worth exploring. The present image of the city was created by its complex history. Gdansk used to often change hands and in 1980 it witnessed the birth of the Solidarity movement, which brought the end of Communism. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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image – Smo_Q

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