7 Little Things Successful 20-Somethings Implement Into Their Everyday Lives

Sylvain Reygaerts
Sylvain Reygaerts

1. Learning a new language.

You may be bilingual or multi-lingual, but it doesn’t hurt to learn a new language. You’re only in your 20s, and you never know where you could go in life. Your company may send you overseas for work; you may have found a job that you love that is in a foreign country; or you may need to move overseas with your family or your partner. Learning a new language opens many doors to new opportunities, and when you’re in 20s, what you need are opportunities.

2. Saving.

If you’re in your 20s, you’re probably still living with your parents and there is absolutely no shame in that. But just because you’re living with your parents, doesn’t mean you can blow all your cash on clubbing and partying. You should learn to start saving for a new apartment, for furthering your education or for treating your parents to a vacation or a nice dinner. Call me old-fashioned, but I believe that having an apartment and a higher education are paths to achieving stability. Of course, nothing in life is constant, but whenever you can, you should definitely save.

3. Taking on more than one job.

Being in your 20s means you’re probably full of energy, and you should be doing something other than partying (not that it isn’t good, but like, don’t do it 5 times a week). Instead, take on more jobs which can supplement your income and also enrich your lives by providing fresh new experiences. You could have a full-time job and yet have side jobs that are for the weekends or in the evenings after work. You’ll always have enough time for what is important as long as you prioritize it.

4. Taking time to get over your old romances.

There will always be ‘the one who got away’. It’s not easy to get over the person, and perhaps, we never will. We would never forget the person in our entire lifetime, and in rare occasions, we may even cry a little at the mere memory of them from ages ago, no matter if you are in a stable relationship or not. In your 20s, take time to heal and make peace with yourself, with the fact that that person left, that you are lucky for losing someone who didn’t love you in the first place, that you are worthy of goodness and genuine love. Do that and prepare yourself for the amazing love that you will find in due time. Easier said than done, but darling, try.

5. Reading and writing.

Reading opens your eyes and mind to new experiences and new thoughts. Writing helps in your self-reflection to become a better and more well-rounded person. Enough said.

6. Eating all you want, but also exercising.

I know this may be a bad piece of advice but trust me, it is essential. Eat everything you want to your heart’s content and gorge yourself silly, provided that you exercise and work out. Just because you have an amazing metabolism in your 20s, doesn’t mean you can neglect your body and don’t need to maintain it, because you still do. This may be the only time when you can eat all the Chipotle and Taco Bell without any significant increase in size, so seize your 20s while you can.

7. Making as many mistakes as possible.

Experience teaches best, and the best way to learn is by doing. Life is about continuous learning. However, the sad truth is that the older we get, the fewer mistakes we can afford to make. So for now, make as many mistakes as you can. You may not be forgiven for every mistake you make, but you may be forgiven for most of the mistakes you make. Treasure this privilege well, learn, and try not to make the same mistake again, because when you grow older, you’ll have another set of mistakes you would definitely be making. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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