What It’s Like To Be The Sort-Of-Pretty Girl

image - Flickr / bass_nroll
image – Flickr / bass_nroll

First off, I should probably specify what I mean by “sort of pretty.” You’re a sort-of-pretty girl if you’re not the loveliest in the bunch, but still get called cute. You’re the girl who gets 27 likes on Instagram, tops. You’re the girl who has big eyes but also a prominent nose. In fact, you are pretty, just not conventionally. You don’t relate to the delicate faces plastered on commercial busses. You don’t have the most voluminous hair or the longest legs; you’re average bordering on something more. Not a head turner but still intriguing. You’re sort of pretty.

Being a sort-of-pretty girl has it’s implications. It means you may have been insecure about the bulge on your nose at some point but later realized it made you look exotic. It means you developed confidence and drive. You became independent because you never relied on your looks to get you through hardships. Being sort of pretty made you really smart. You found fulfillment in knowledge more than you did in beauty. In a world where most things don’t tend to last long, it was comforting to know that wisdom can only be built up, not torn down. Being sort of pretty also meant that people actually listened when you spoke. Maybe it was because your breasts weren’t as distracting or, more likely, because the words coming out of your mouth were worth listening to.

Finding romantic partners also became simpler. While gorgeous girls were flooded with constant attention, you noticed how being a sort-of-pretty girl meant you got the right amount of attention from men (or women) who genuinely wanted to get to know you. If you went on a date, it was because there was chemistry, not just a superficial attraction. Compliments become beacons of sunlight in the midst of winter when you’re a sort-of-pretty girl. When they arrive you feel genuinely grateful and giddy, maybe even a little coy. Compliments are never, ever taken for granted. You become humble but above all grateful.

Sort-of-pretty girls have the best humor because they’re used to laughing at themselves from time to time. They are magical beings. If you meet a sort-of-pretty girl, if you get to know what makes her laugh and what makes her tick, something will start to change. It’s like she’ll cast a spell upon your eyes because one day, you’ll wake up and realize that she’s not just sort of pretty. She’s beautiful. She’s the kind of beauty people talk about in movies. She’s a classic dish served differently. She’s the Mona Lisa with her secret smile. She’s a sunflower, strong and bold and true to herself. Not as lovely as a rose but also not as fragile. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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