You Deserve More Than The Love You Are Settling For

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This, your beautiful nature and your soft soul, both deserve so much more than the love you are settling for. The kind of love where you find yourself putting yourself second all the time. The kind of love where you have to do all the hard work for very little reward. The kind of love where for some reason, even when you feel so happy, something feels missing. Your heart feels a bit empty.

And you may have been with this person for years. And you may have chosen to live with them. You may even be getting close to marriage, but believe me, that missing piece inside your soul, that void is going to grow wider and deeper and bigger till it consumes you, all the love in your heart and all the love in your soul too.

You deserve so much more than a love that makes you feel incomplete in some way. You deserve a love where you both work hard and the hard work shows because the seeds of love you have planted together blossoms into a garden, and it’s a garden you both tend to everyday.

Listen, I know you love this person and they love you too, but if they make you feel like you are settling for them, then that is the kind of love you need to leave because you have to. There is something better out there for you, something stronger, something which does not feel like giving up and just putting up with what you have. True love demands to be felt deeply, it brings out feelings of great joy and deep passion and if you are not getting that in your relationship, if things have felt stale for a long time, if it feels like you are putting aside your own needs all the time, then you are not being true to yourself.

You owe it to yourself to find the kind of love that makes you truly happy.

Look for the kind of love that makes your whole heart feel immersed in happiness.

Look for the kind of love where nothing feels missing all the time.

Look for the kind of love that sees all of your flaws and loves you for them too.

Look for the kind of love that makes you grow in every way you can.

Look for the kind of love that challenges you.

Look for the kind of love that doesn’t make you wait or make you feel like you’re second best.

Look of the kind of love which makes everyday feel like a new adventure.

And please, please do not settle for anything that makes you feel less than brilliant, less than beautiful, less than amazing in some small way every single day. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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Nikita is the author of Your Soul Is A River and Your Heart Is The Sea.

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