This is How You Will Find Him

In the quiet summer moments when you finally decide that you love yourself, and that confidence shines from your innermost self. When you find you in every way possible. The times when life could not make you happier. The moments when you have finally fallen head over heels in love with yourself, that is when you will find him.

Maybe he’s never ever been the kind of guy you’ve been attracted to in the past, but you know what, thats okay…you’re reborn, you’re a different kind of girl than you ever used to be. He may be quieter, or gentler, or kinder, just different from the kind of guy you’ve ever had before.

He’ll fall in love with you without you having to make him in any way. He’ll kiss you in moments you don’t expect it, just to make you smile. Your senses of humour will match and you will just…be. It’ll make every other relationship you’ve had feel like such hard work. It’ll make every other guy you have ever been with feel like ten times the work. He isn’t perfect, but somehow his little flaws make him a better fit for yours.

Everything about this new kind of love will take you by surprise, even who you have become in it. You will feel secure, in control, and love yourself as much as you love him. This is the kind of love you should be waiting for. And this is the kind of love you deserve after all the half loves that made you feel less than the amazing, and beautiful soul that you are. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Nikita is the author of Your Soul Is A River and Your Heart Is The Sea.

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