For People Who Apologise Too Much

Since you were a child, you learned to begin your sentences and end them with an apology. As though your existence was a burden for everyone. As if your questions were not important. As if your words were not needed. But here’s the truth darling. The people who made you feel that way were wrong. Your sentences did not deserve to begin with apologies. You should have been given the confidence since you were a child that nothing about you deserves an apology. Everything about you is truly, and honestly beautiful. And not a thing about you was made as a mistake. You were born to bring something beautiful into this world and every contribution you make is important.

Think of the last person you made laugh. Think of the last person that you helped because of your kind heart. Think of everyone who is glad to know you because you are a true friend and if you are ever asked for something you make it happen for them. Think of all the little things you do for people, without ever asking for a thank you.

You do not deserve to apologise your existence away for being the kind of person you are. Because the kind of person you are is exceptional and loved.

You have to learn that this is the truth about you, that everything about you was created for a purpose and by apologising your existence away you are claiming you are purposeless. Think of it this way: it took six million years if evolution to bring you about. Right at this time and at this moment in creation and in history. There must be a reason for that, and that reason was not for you to be spending your time apologising for being yourself, for the things you love, for asking questions. Somewhere out there there are going to be people who adore you for being yourself. And they will teach you how you are important, just as you are.

So stop apologising your existence away. You are important. You always were and you always have been. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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