This Is How You Know You Found Your Person

This Is How You Know You Found Your Person

Think of the person that makes you laugh like you’ve never heard a joke before. You hysterically explode with the most obnoxious snort known to mankind, but you don’t feel embarrassed in the slightest. You feel at ease.

Think of the person that encourages you and supports your goals through rain or shine. You cancel well-in-advance plans, but they understand your vision so instead, they bring you coffee and sit beside you to support your dreams. They show up when the lights aren’t so bright. They show up when the lows are magnified compared to the highs. They show up when gray skies haven’t caught a break from the sun. They show up when fear overpowers strength.

Think of the person that is able to understand your insecurities without you verbally stating them. The person you can tell your deepest, darkest secrets to. You feel awful, you feel embarrassed, you feel lonely, you feel weak – but you know any words that are expressed to them, whether in anger, excitement, sadness or grief, will be taken without judgement. You never think for even a millisecond before you speak around them. You are free around them. You are exactly who you are.

Think of the person you have no hesitation introducing to anyone. Not one thought crosses your mind of what they might say or who they might offend. You want them to be exactly who they are around everyone since you consistently see a light in them that brightens up your world. You trust that their heart values humanity and takes responsibility for their actions to know they will always make others around them feel at home.

Think of the person that looks straight in your eyes and is able to teleport to your soul. You feel the opposite of confident, and you can’t stand to look at yourself in the mirror. This person proceeds to grab your face, grab your hands, looks deeply into your eyes, and you immediately are on top of the world. You know you’re beautiful around them. You know they’re intrigued by your being.

This, is your person.

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