Believe It Or Not, Your Makeup Can Actually Turn Men Away

Flickr / Petr Dosek
Flickr / Petr Dosek

Are your makeup choices getting in the way?

As a woman, it’s no surprise to you that just about every lady has an interesting relationship with makeup. You may have a daily routine with lipstick, eyeshadow or a magic concealer that you can’t go without. You may have a signature look that makes you feel confident. You may even hate it, but wear it for certain occasions for different reasons.

Here are seven ways this tumultuous relationship with makeup actually affects your love life:

1. Wear eye shadow? You’ll get MORE messages from men.

A lot of people romanticize eyes, saying they’re the windows to the soul. Perhaps this is why men prefer eye shadow on a woman more than any other kind of makeup. According to Zoosk, women received 139 percent more messages from male users once they posted a picture of themselves wearing eye shadow.

2. Red lips will make him stare.

Sometimes you want to branch out to different lip shades especially when they are on trend. Orange is definitely a different take on a bright lip, nude is great with a smoky eye, but in the end the go-to color is red. Turns out men aren’t at all tired of red. According to a study from Manchester University, men will keep staring at a woman with red lips for 7.3 seconds. Pink comes in second, holding a man’s attention for 6.7 seconds. Who knew red lipstick had mind controlling powers?

3. Your undying love for makeup could come between you two.

Although some guys dig makeup, most end up saying how much they dislike it and prefer “the natural look.” However, who can trust this comment when most of the “natural” models men drool over are covered with foundation? Well, it turns out that if it really comes down to your love for makeup or the significant other then things could take a turn for the worse. A new studyfound that 57 percent of women would break up with their boyfriend rather than break up with their makeup bag. So don’t pressure us, guys!

4. Men want you to wear LESS makeup though.

A studydone by Bangor University found that men prefer women who wear 40 percent fewer cosmetics along with women. So keep that in mind the next time you open your makeup bag.

5. Makeup may make men respect you more.

According to a studyfrom Procter & Gamble, wearing makeup makes you seem more competent. That means you should probably wear a little makeup to your first job interview and first date, because who wants to date someone who is incompetent?

6. Your blushed and bronzed cheeks may be turning him away.

A lot of ladies love using blush and bronzer. After all contouring with bronzer to get high cheekbones without surgery is amazing! But it turns out men pay the least attention to blushed or bronzed cheeks, according to the study done by Zoosk. If you are still dating and want to attract a man, then it’s probably better to focus on your eye makeup and lip color.

7. Those lipstick kisses could be lethal.

It may look good, but a lot of makeup out there contains things that you definitely don’t want in your body. The FDA completed a studywhere they found more than 400 lipsticks contain lead. Drugstore brands and high-end labels had about .25ppm (parts per million) to 7.19 ppm of lead content. So if you wear a signature color every day, it may be time to switch to a natural brand. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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