Ranking The Zodiac Signs By Whose Heart Breaks The Hardest

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Cancers are super sensitive which is why their hearts break the hardest. When you break their heart they’re going to get all emotional about it, and they’re definitely going to shed some tears. They will hold on to all of the wonderful memories, and forget about all of the terrible ones. They’ll keep thinking about the happy moments of the relationship which makes it harder for them to let it go. They break their own heart because they convince themselves they’re supposed to be sad, and it prevents them from figuring out how to be happy again.


The Gemini is gentle and so are their hearts. They are affectionate and kind, but they’re also very indecisive, especially when it comes to love. When they finally decide to fully commit to someone they invest their whole heart into the relationship. Their heart breaks when the chance they took on one person bites them back. If they’re going to settle down with someone, they want it to last, and if it doesn’t they’re devastated.


The Virgo’s heart breaks pretty hard because they think entirely too much. They’ll run their mind through every should’ve, could’ve, would’ve until they basically go insane. They’ll remember every detail of the relationship and try to figure out where it went wrong, and then they’ll blame themselves as a result. They’re most unforgiving towards themselves, and they feel like they’re the reason their relationship failed. They’re heartbroken because they feel like they’re responsible for the love that didn’t last.


The Pisces is an empath and they are extremely in touch with their emotions. When their heart breaks they’re not afraid to feel the things they’re feeling. If they feel sad, they’re going to let themselves cry. If they feel angry they’re going to allow themselves to take it out on something (healthily). They’re not afraid of their feelings, and they’re going to feel heartbreak to it’s full capacity.


The Scorpio is passionate, and they’re also a bit distrusting. They are wary of people breaking their hearts before it even happens, and if it does happen, they’re sour about it. They don’t let people take their love for granted and they’re not going to let someone rip their heart in half. You won’t break a Scorpio’s heart twice, and they’ll never give you a second chance. They don’t forget about the pain your heartbreak caused, they carry it with them as a reminder to never let you back in.


Libras need symmetry, so when their ‘other half’ leaves, they’re pretty upset. Life is more invigorating for the Libra when they have someone to share it with. They hate to be alone, so when they’re significant other breaks their heart, they rely on their friends and family to help them out of the bottomless pit of heartbreak.


A Taurus doesn’t handle heartbreak exceptionally well because they just don’t really want to deal with it. They don’t want to talk about it, or try to make it better, they basically just want to pretend the person who broke their heart never even existed, and they want to move on as soon as possible. They won’t admit to what they’ve done wrong in the relationship, and they won’t think about what they can do better in their next one. They’ll hate their ex for breaking their heart, do whatever they can to forget them, and that’s that.


The Leo doesn’t take heartbreak lightly. They hate not getting what they want and they definitely don’t want heartbreak. The good thing is they recover quickly. They’re confident that they’ll find someone else to love them. They won’t mope around and wallow in their sorrows, they’ll put themselves out there and try to find love again.


The Sagittarian’s heart is not that fragile. When you break a Sagittarian’s heart they look for sources other than a relationship to find happiness. They know there’s more to life than finding love. They don’t want to lock themselves in a room and be sad, when they’re heartbroken they want to pack their bag and explore. They want to escape and they don’t take the heartbreak with them.


Aquarians are the people you go to when your heart is broken and you don’t know what to do. They always say something that makes the heartbreak less painful, and they help you realize it’s not the end of the world. The same support and words of wisdom the Aquarius gives to others, they give to themselves, especially during heartbreak. They aren’t destroyed by heartbreak, they keep that good head on their shoulders and tell themselves they’ll be okay, and they are. The Aquarius doesn’t let heartbreak break them.


An Aries isn’t phased by heartbreak. They live an active life, and they always find a way to occupy themselves. They’re adventurous and have endless energy. Heartbreak doesn’t exhaust them, it makes them wonder, what now? The Aries is on to the next one.


A Capricorn isn’t completely devastated by heartbreak because their practicality forces them to pick their head up and move forward. A relationship ending is not a good enough reason for them to put their life on pause and sink into a hole of misery. They’ve got a life outside of their relationship, and if it ends, their world isn’t shattered, and neither is their heart. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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