Ranking The Zodiac Signs By How Awkward They Are On A First Date

Ranked from painstakingly awkward to charming and delightful AF.

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A Cancer is painstakingly awkward on a first date because they don’t like venturing outside of the close-knit social circle they already have formed. Their pessimism makes them the kind of first date that will appear to be bored and uninterested because they already have in their mind that you’re not right for them.


A Virgo can be painfully shy on a first date. They worry that their date will judge any word that comes out of their mouth, so they think about everything carefully before they say it. This often leads to awkward silences because they’re having a conversation with themselves inside of their own head. After their date asks them a question, there will be a lingering pause that lingers for far too long.


Pisces are romantic, yes, but when it comes to THE FIRST date, they come on a little too strong. They’re artistic and they express their emotions easily, but on first dates they take emotional expression a little too far. They’re the type of first date that starts crying in the middle of eating their burger because you remind them of their ex.


A Taurus only makes a first date awkward when their date is late. They are super reliable and always on time, so if their date walks in at 8:30 when their reservations were for 8:15, they’ll immediately be pissed off. They won’t tell their date why they’re mad, so said dater will be convinced that this Taurus just has a stick up their ass.


Aquarius are only awkward on the first date when they go on a tangent about some philosophical concept that their date completely does not understand. They will probably make references to famous scholarly journals, and unless their date is as equally intellectual, they will just nod their head the entire time.


A Capricorn only makes the first date awkward when they act like they’re too busy to be on the date. They’re the kind of first date who will have their phone on the table facing down. They think they’re being polite that it’s not facing up, but if it vibrates they suddenly excuse themselves to the bathroom. They are busy because they are ambitious, which isn’t a bad thing, but it can make a first date feel like they don’t have enough time for you.


A Gemini isn’t too awkward on first dates because they’ve had tons of them. They’re pretty indecisive, so they don’t know what they want when it comes to relationships and partners, which leads to them going on multiple dates with multiple types of people. They might be a little awkward on the first date just because they have a tendency to get nervous when they’re out of their element.


The Libra is a people person. They can’t stand to be alone and they always work well with others. On a first date they’ll agree with everything the other person says, and pretend to have all the same interests. They’re good at first dates, but when the person they’re dating finds out they don’t actually listen to Pearl Jam, and don’t even know who Pearl Jam is, they end up in a bit of a pickle.


Scorpios aren’t awkward on first dates unless they start an argument and insist that they’re right. They’re not scared to challenge someone they just met, and they definitely won’t back down. Occasionally they might let their jealous tendencies slip into the conversation, like how the girl their ex is currently dating is dumb and ugly on the inside.


One of the most confident signs of the zodiac, Aries is pretty fearless when it comes to first dates. They’re the type of first date to tell you, you two would make a really attractive couple. They’re not afraid to act interested in you when they truly are, and they’re completely unfiltered, which can be a little much, but it makes the date anything but awkward.


Sagittarius has a sense of humor that makes any first date super easy and fun. If there’s a weird silence that lasts a little too long, you can count on them to say something that will crack the both of you up.


A Leo might talk about themselves the entire date, but at least they’re nowhere near awkward. They are confident and charming, and will make all their first dates extremely enjoyable. The only time a Leo has an awkward first date is when they’re stood up. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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