If You’re Not Sure How He Feels About You, Find Someone Who Makes Sure You Know

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If he keeps you up at night because you’re wondering whether he ignored your text or was just genuinely busy, does it matter which one is true? Everyone is busy, but if he’s thinking about you, you’ll know. You’ll know because he won’t be able to not text you, to not call you and tell you about his day, to ask about yours. When it’s love, or anything remotely close to it, you’ll know how he feels about you.

You’ll know he wants you around, not just on his walk home from the bar at 2 am, or from the drunken voicemail you woke up to, but in the middle of his work day when he texts you from his desk because you’re stuck in his head like that song they overplay on the radio. Because love doesn’t bring half-assed efforts, and it doesn’t proclaim itself only after midnight. Real love is there at all hours.

You’ll know he wants to fill his days with you, and not just his nights. You’ll know he enjoys your company when he smiles at you sober the same way he does when he’s drunk. You’ll know these things because he’ll make it very clear. You won’t have to call your friend holding back tears that want so badly to be released, and ask her what she thinks. If she thinks maybe he is in fact interested, but maybe he needs time, or if she thinks you’re being a complete fool, hoping someone who clearly doesn’t love you, will.

You’ll know how he feels about you if he intends to stay, not just when he talks about taking you to that concert next weekend, but when he talks about his family, his friends, the people he loves. You’ll know how he feels about you when he lets you into that world. The world that he wants you to be a part of because he knows you’ll fit into it, because even if you didn’t he’d still want to try. You’ll know how he feels about you when he opens up his world with hopes that you both can exist there together. That his world and your world will be just as good together as they were on their own, and hopefully even better.

You’ll know he isn’t thinking about anyone else, about all the other people he could potentially be with. You won’t have the urge to peak at his phone while he’s texting. You won’t have to ask him who it is. You won’t have to wonder whether he’s DMing that girl from high school on instagram, or why he liked that photo of her in a bikini. You won’t have thoughts running through your head wondering if he wants a girl with bigger boobs or a bigger ass, a girl with a tinier waste or a prettier face. You won’t have to wonder if he wants a girl who has everything you don’t. You’ll know how he feels about you because you’ll feel good enough to be exactly who you are. That’s the person he wants. You.

If you’re not sure how he feels about you, move on. Find someone who makes you feel the way you want to feel in a relationship. Find someone you want to be with, the same person who makes you feel certain that they want to be with you too. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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