14 Toys All 90s Kids Love That Should Totally Be Drinking Games

1. Bop It

Who could forget the game that gave you constant anxiety from just having to pull, twist or ‘bop’ something? All 90s kids love this game, and while you played it well-before you turned the legal drinking age of 21, you could most certainly get your drink on with this game in adulthood.

2. Skip It

For those who like to get physical, or for those who love to laugh at others falling on their ass, Skip It would be the perfect 90s toy to get you feeling tipsy.

3. Twister

This could get weird if you’re not comfortable with having someone’s ass in your face, but if you’re at a party with people you want to get physically close with, enjoy! The drinks will help you forget that your coworker is in a straddle position underneath you.

4. Furby

Every time you wake Furby up, DRINK.

5. Hungry Hungry Hippos

These hippos are hungry hungry, and you and your humans are thirsty thirsty.

6. Dream Phone

Finally a game where at least one boy wants to date us, drink up as you dial area codes that don’t exist and find yourself a lovely dream date. This game takes us back to a time when 6th graders didn’t have cell phones, because they had dream phones. And who could resist those boys’ headshots? I hope it’s Steve from Woodland Park!

7. Candy Land

Remember Candy Cane Forest? and the Lollipop Woods? Of course you do. You could involve both candy and alcohol in this one. Get creative. If you’re going to drink vodka, why not put chocolate in it? Candy Land can give you an excuse to do that. Themed drinks anyone?

8. Mouse Trap

Amazon / Mouse Trap
Amazon / Mouse Trap

The first person to actually be able to set this game up deserves free drinks for an entire month.

9. Connect Four

The elevated version of tic tac toe. This classic 90s game could totally be adapted to get you wasted. Every time someone gets three in a row take a shot, you’ll finish the bottle before it’s over.

10. Operation

That buzzing red nose brings us all back to childhood. A drunk surgeon would be absolutely terrifying, in any other situation, but in this case, bottoms up!

11. Simon

Amazon / Simon
Amazon / Simon

It was hard enough to play this as a child sober, so if you’re looking to get super drunk Simon is the game for you. What’s one thing that fails you when you drink too much? Your memory. Simon understands that.

12. Pretty Pretty Princess

Amazon / Pretty Pretty Princess
Amazon / Pretty Pretty Princess

There’s nothing better than wearing plastic jewelry in adulthood. Be the princess that you are and enjoy a glass of wine while obtaining rings and necklaces for free. Whoever wins the game gets to finish the bottle.

13. Girl Talk

Amazon / Girl Talk
Amazon / Girl Talk

Remember the game where you got a zit if you didn’t complete a dare? This game tells you what kind of future you’ll have, and considering we’re already in adulthood, it’d be pretty hilarious to see how they align. Grab a glass of Chardonnay while you put zits on your face and prepare for a future that doesn’t exist.

14. Mall Madness

The game that taught us all how to be financially unstable. You already practice the phenomenon of drunk online shopping, this game will allow you to use your credit card for purchases that won’t drain your bank account. The only place where cardboard credit cards exist, and where children learn the concept of debt. Drink away your financial instabilities, play Mall Madness. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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