21 Quotes About Wine That Perfectly Explain Your Need To Have A Glass At The End Of Each Day

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1. “I cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food.” ― W.C. Fields

2. “Either give me more wine or leave me alone.” ― Rumi

3. “Accept what life offers you and try to drink from every cup. All wines should be tasted; some should only be sipped, but with others, drink the whole bottle.” ― Paulo Coelho

4. “One should always be drunk. That’s all that matters…But with what? With wine, with poetry, or with virtue, as you chose. But get drunk.” ― Charles Baudelaire

5. “his lips drink water but his heart drinks wine” ― E.E. Cummings

6. “Wine is one of the most civilized things in the world and one of the most natural things of the world that has been brought to the greatest perfection, and it offers a greater range for enjoyment and appreciation than, possibly, any other purely sensory thing.”
― Ernest Hemingway

7. “At church, during communion, they give out free wine. Whoa! Talk about a great place to drink and meet women.” ― Jarod Kintz

8. “If reassurances could dull pain, nobody would ever go to the trouble of pressing grapes.” ― Scott Lynch

9. “A raisin on the ground is full of hope that if it just keeps aging, it will turn into wine and get drunk on its wrinkly self.” ― Jarod Kintz

10. “Wine is the most healthful and most hygienic of beverages.” ― Louis Pasteur

11. “Beer is made by men, wine by God.” ― Martin Luther

12. “What wine goes with Captain Crunch?” ― George Carlin

13. “Give me wine to wash me clean of the weather-stains of cares” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

14. “Wine makes all things possible.” ― George R.R. Martin

15. “A bottle of wine begs to be shared; I have never met a miserly wine lover” ― Clifton Fadiman

16. “Wine makes every meal an occasion, every table more elegant, every day more civilized.” ― Andre Simon

17. “The first kiss and the first glass of wine are the best.” ― Marty Rubin

18. “My love is like an empty bottle of wine. If you’re wondering, my ex wife drank it all.” ― Jarod Kintz

19. “…wine [is] a constant proof that God loves us, and loves to see us happy.” ― Benjamin Franklin

20. “WINE! Because these problems aren’t going to forget THEMSELVES!” ― Tanya Masse

21. “Wine is to women as duct tape is to men, it fixes EVERYTHING!” ― Tanya Masse Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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