22 Ironic Captions That Accurately Explain All Of Your Instagram Photos

1. When you try really hard, but pretend like you didn’t.

2. When you travel anywhere.

3. Selfies. Self explanatory (no pun intended).

4. When it’s super cold outside and everyone knows it’s super cold outside, but you tell them anyway.

5. When you’re bored.

6. #HappyHolidays

7. When you’re feeling super poetic, or just see something that looks poetic.

8. When you have a name that no one knows how to spell correctly.

9. When you’re drinking.

10. When you’re trying to be misunderstood.

11. When you buy name brands.

12. When you go to the beach.

13. When you’re clearly posing, and won’t admit it.

14. When everyone else is annoyed with your selfies.

15. When you want everyone to know you and your boyfriend are exclusive.

16. Trees that look cool.

17. Did you really wake up like that?

18. When it’s football season.

19. When the filters make the photo look cooler than it actually is.

20. When you think your makeup is cool.

21. When you wear pajamas.

22. When you have a cute dog. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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