21 Beautiful Five-Word Sentences That Are The Words You Need To Hear Today

In things that will make your heart grow three sizes, Reddit users have been submitting the nicest five-word sentences someone can possibly say, a condensation of everything they’ve ever wanted to hear in life. From love to friendships to life, users chime in on the little things that mean the world to you, showing that big moments don’t have to come from long thoughts. It’s the quiet moments that can be the most powerful.

In the comment section, sound off: What are some five-word sentences you’d like to hear? Let’s make the world a nicer place today.

1. windburner

You make me so proud.

2. r_plantae

You deserve to be happy.

3. TheThirdPerson_is

You look really nice today.

4. KnightCeles

You are a wonderful person.

5. LogicWavelength

I really fucking love you.

6. Mycatsleftfoot

You are everything to me.

7. kwanzaajuice

I like who you are.

8. sadtastic

Things will turn out fine.

9. Sloi

You are the Universe itself.

10. cuntdickshitballs

You make my life worth living.

11. suburbanfreakshow

I’m always here for you.

12. NeonMe

I truly admire you.

13. DreadfulRauw

You can have my bacon.

14. naturaldrpepper

I’m glad you are here.

15. Skeeter_206

I will always love you.

16. rev2sev

You light up my life.

17. __bieberhole69

You’re beautiful inside and out.

18. skibbityboo

Want to share these beers?

19. Ihavenocomments

You are my kid’s hero.

20. hackers_syrinx

I’m better, thanks to you.

21. felixcanis11

Let’s grow old together, okay? Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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image – Flickr/ Sappymoosetree

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