It’s Okay To End The Chapter, It’s Not The End Of The Story

Everything ends.

No matter how hard we try to keep things as they are — to make time stand still — it’s simply not possible. Everything has to pass. And everything has to change. However, there’s one important thing we cannot forget – just because one thing ends doesn’t mean that everything ends. Even if we end things ourselves for the sake of our self-worth and sanity, it doesn’t mean the end of everything. It simply means change. And change is a beautiful thing. It promotes growth and self-revelation. We are forced to step out of our comfort zones, no matter how scary it feels.

Your life is like a book – full of chapters. It’s an exciting novel filled with many stories and experiences. Magical loves. Beautiful friendships. Exciting adventures. Every chapter more fulfilling than the previous one. It’s an enormous book that tells many stories — some of which you’re not even aware yet.

You have to learn how to let go, how to close the chapters that you have already read. You have to stop rereading the ones that no longer serve you, that no longer bring you joy and fulfillment. When you do that, a brand new one starts. So make sure to start it without fear and holding back. Write your own new story, one that will be a bestselling novel made solely for and by you.

You have to be brave enough to close old chapters, end old storylines. Understanding that new beginnings are the best things that can happen to you is the most exhilarating feeling you’ll ever experience. And it’s worth overcoming all the things that hold you back — it will only make you braver in the long run. It will help you create new memories, new experiences, and new bonds. Ones that will reignite the spark that you thought you once lost.

So, close the old chapter. End irrelevant storylines. And remember — it’s not the end of the story, it’s simply the beginning of a new one.

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