A Reminder That What’s Meant To Be Will Always Be

I know that sometimes you feel defeated. I know that sometimes you feel as if all of it isn’t worth the trouble. Sometimes, it can feel like everything is falling apart, and there seems to be no happy ending in sight. Or any ending, for that matter.

However, things are always meant to be the way they are.

Regardless of what you think should have already happened, don’t lose hope. What’s meant to be will always be. No matter what. Life is full of surprises and mysteries – that’s the beauty of it. If we knew and could predict everything, life would lose its meaning.

What is meant to happen will happen. Our fate is a mysterious force driving us through life and we simply have to follow the waves. Oftentimes, it seems pointless and meaningless, but remember that there is always a reason for everything.

A relationship that has fallen apart, a job that turned out to be a nightmare, a grade that ruined your perfect college reputation – even though it all hurts, it was meant to happen. If you changed one thing from your past, you wouldn’t be where you are right now. You wouldn’t be the incredible and knowledgeable person that you’ve become. And that would be a shame.

Life is a test that has no set guidelines for everyone. Everyone’s journey is unique. We all have our own free will to make whatever choices we want and that’s how we create our destinies.

What’s meant to be will always be because there’s a plan for each one of us.

It doesn’t mean you don’t get to steer your own life. It doesn’t mean that your life is predestined by some eternal all-knowing being – it simply means that nothing is meaningless. That everything that should happen will happen. Even if sometimes you may not be aware of this, things are falling in place – slowly but surely.

So, here’s your reminder: what’s meant to be will always be.

No amount of stress and worry will change that. So, sit down and relax. Enjoy your life to the fullest. Make your dreams come true. Don’t chase something that is bad for you just because you think it’s meant to be. If it’s truly meant to be, it will happen and you will feel it’s the right thing for you.

So, for now, relax and be yourself. That’s exactly who you’re meant to be.

Writer. Photographer. Dreamer.

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