This Is How You Really Know You’ve Found The One

Paul Garcia

I’ve always heard people say that cliché line of “when you know, you just know” I would roll my eyes, gag a little, and chuckle at the thought. Sounded like a load of crap to me. You can’t just meet someone and suddenly know that they’re the one. You can’t be that sure of anything. Nothing is certain. Nothing lasts forever. And no one can be trusted.

Or so I thought.

But here I am now, head over heels in love and I’m the one telling those doubting and hurt individuals to wait it out, to trust their gut, because when they meet that person… they’ll just know.

Ugh, just writing this makes me want to gag a little at myself. But that’s the best kind of love, isn’t it? The type of love that makes you sick because it seems so fairytale like?

I am completely and utterly in love. I’m a fool. And I’ve never been so certain about anyone or anything in my life.

So, what makes it so easy to just “know?” Well, it’s hard to describe until you’re living it, but I’ll do the best I can.

I remember since the day I met him, something just felt so different, so right, and so terrifying. I was giddy. Granted, I’ve been giddy over boys before and they ended up being total morons. But this was a new kind of giddy. It didn’t feel lustful, or surface level. It felt real.

I don’t know if it was the way he looked at me, the way he STILL looks at me. Or maybe it’s his laugh. I swear his laugh is literal sunshine.

Maybe it was his imperfections, and the way he didn’t hide them from me. Or perhaps it was the way I trusted him enough to let him see mine. And then when he did see them, he didn’t back away or frown, he fell for me more.

I didn’t believe in true love, or soul mates, or all that mumbo jumbo. I didn’t want to believe in it either. I saw those who did, and they looked delusional to me.

But that’s the thing, from the outside looking in, love looks absolutely crazy. And from the inside looking out, it’s the only thing that makes perfect sense.

So, I guess I’m one of the delusional now. One of the crazies. And I’ve never been so proud to be anything as much as I am of that.

I fall for him more and more every day, and I think that’s incredibly important. Some people fall out of love, but I don’t think they were ever in love to begin with. Because true love you fall into and you never fall out.

Our love isn’t perfect. He’s not perfect, and I certainly am not either. But we are perfect for each other.

I believe love makes us whole, and until we find it there is always a little piece of our hearts missing. You see, hearts begin broken and cracked, and it’s the love of others that makes a heart come together and be complete. And there is someone out there for each one of us, who’s cracks and crevices of their heart are broken at just the right angle to come together with our own.

Don’t give up on love my friends. Love seems like fiction, it looks like magic. And that makes it so hard to believe in. But the greatest things in life are not those which make sense, not those which we can see, but they are those things that we can feel. Love is the most magical thing on this earth, and magic is real, you must only believe. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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