This Is The Kind Of Guy You Should Never Give Your Heart

Kinga Cichewicz

He only calls you when he’s drunk or if he does so when he’s sober it’s just because he’s bored and there isn’t anyone else around. You think about him late at night and he doesn’t even know your birthday. You don’t want to admit to yourself that you probably don’t even cross his mind unless he’s in need of entertainment. But there’s something deep down in your gut telling you don’t fall for it, don’t fall for him.

Don’t do it. Don’t give any piece of your heart to him because you’re more than just a pastime during witching hour. You are more than just how your hair smells and what your body feels like in the dark. He will never reach for more than just your skin. Don’t give your heart to him.

He isn’t interested in knowing who you are, he doesn’t even see you as a person. He will never ask you the name of your favorite song, what makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up, where you go when you need peace, he will never tell you happy birthday because he will never remember it or even get to know it.

You’ll wait for him to open up, but he never will. He’ll never let you in, he’ll never make an effort to knock on your door either. Walk away. Don’t develop feelings for someone who only wants be acquainted with your skin and not with what he would find if he were to get off his ass and dig.

You’ll waste your time and think maybe there’s something behind the way he kissed you on the forehead when he thought you were asleep, the way his arm never left your waist throughout the night but that’s not true because if he was worthy of your emotional energy he would make an effort to spend more time with you, to be close to you, to be with you.

Don’t give your heart to the guy who will never put in any time, effort, and energy to be a part of your life. Don’t give your heart to the guy who doesn’t jump at the blessed opportunity to do so. Don’t give your heart to the guy who doesn’t grasp what a privilege it would be to get to know all those parts of you the rest of the world doesn’t get to see.

Sometimes he leaves your texts unanswered for not hours but days because he simply doesn’t think of you. You will keep at this thing with him thinking maybe one day, maybe one night, maybe one morning he will have an epiphany with you in his bed and start to feel something. But he won’t. He never will. The truth is you probably aren’t the only girl who feels this way and has this hope. Admit it, he doesn’t want you, he doesn’t want to ever owe you anything. It will never go further.

He loves playing games and gaining the upper hand. He only acts the way you always wish he would when you’re the one that has it. All progress, all acts of kindness and any type of attention ceases to exist the minute he takes it back. He doesn’t like you as much as he likes the power he has over you. He knows you can’t tell him no. He gets off to it. So he comes and goes as he pleases.

He constantly leaves you questioning yourself and your worth. You start to notice these thoughts you’ve never had in which you think of yourself unkindly, in which you compare yourself to other women, in which you’re calling yourself not enough. Realize he isn’t enough. Realize this is someone you should walk away from because he will never give you what you want. He will never give you what you deserve.

Don’t give yourself to someone who makes you feel any less than the beautiful and rare soul of a woman that you are.

Don’t give any of yourself away to the guy you only hear from on weekend nights after the bars have closed down. Don’t give your heart to the guy who waits to text you when he’s bored on Wednesday night.

Don’t give your heart to the guy who doesn’t introduce you to his friends. To the one who offers to buy you a shot but never dinner. Don’t give your heart to someone who has never even taken you out on a date. To the one who never asks about your day.

Don’t give your heart to the guy who doesn’t appreciate you. He knows it could be more if he wanted it to be. He doesn’t deserve any part of you when he can’t comprehend your worth. Don’t give your heart to him. While you’re at it, stop letting his hands near your body, he doesn’t deserve that either. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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