You Should Fall In Love With An Introvert

Alivia Latimer

“I am a victim of introspection.” – Sylvia Plath

In the fast-paced and highly social era of the modern day it can become easy for an introvert to not only be misunderstood and misconstrued, but also highly underestimated and undervalued. The introvert is not anti-social or shy; the introvert just doesn’t like exerting their efforts on superficial connections or conversations. The introvert doesn’t lack thought, voice, or opinion, the introvert actually has a lot to say, but when they speak they make sure it matters. There is nothing boring about an introvert, the introvert carries a high sense of mystery and is very enigmatic. If you find one and tap into their inner workings you’ll set foot in a world you’ve never known. If you’re ever loved by one it’ll be an experience of love unlike any other.

Introverts know themselves well.
They live so much inside their own minds and spend so much time wandering through their inner labyrinths that they come to know themselves very intimately. An introvert lives on a first name basis with introspection.

It is because they have spent so much time getting to know themselves and comprehending who they are and why they are who they are that the introvert has a high capacity of understanding others. Introverts know no shortage of effort when it comes to learning and figuring out as much as they can about their significant other. They aim to know you and understand you on a deeper level.

Introverts crave intimacy. Introverts want you to feel unashamed bringing the inner you out into the light. They detest shallow conversation and shallow connections. An introvert wants to hear about the things that bring you peace, about the things that keep you up when you should be asleep, how you got that that scar on your left knee when you were six. They don’t just want to know yours hopes, your dreams, your fears, but they want to know why you have those hopes, those dreams, those fears.

An introvert is always learning and is always listening.
An introvert may be quiet, yes, but when they are, know that they are observing your actions, taking note of your every word and memorizing every detail about every conversation and every moment they spend by your side. An introvert will make you feel truly heard and truly seen. An introvert will get to know the real you and will do so with empathy. The introvert is so intuitive that they will learn how to pick up on your emotions, and always will they do so without judgment.

Introverts are highly loyal and appreciate their partners immensely. An introvert chooses to be close to those around them wisely. They are very selective in their relationships. Know that if an introvert decides to be with you that they did so with complete trust and did not go into it without consideration. If an introvert chooses to be with you they feel comfort and tranquility around you, they feel like they can trust you, they feel like they can be themselves around you. You are highly cherished by an introvert, and so very rare and special to them that they will not take you for granted.

Introverts highly value words and never take them lightly.
An introvert doesn’t speak much around those they don’t know very well and they are so put off by mundane conversation. But if an introvert is comfortable with you, they will open themselves up to you without reservation and they will not hold back. When the introverts has a something to say it is always of meaning and they always are sure of what they are speaking. When an introvert opens up to you it is the greatest sign of their affection and trust. They do not peel back the layers lightly or for just anyone. When you do the same for them they will value the person that you are and love you for exactly who you are, and when they love you, they will love you deeply.

The introvert will respect the person that you are outside of the relationship and value your independence. They know you have a life outside of them and will highly encourage you to be your own person and maintain your life outside of them. You will not feel forced in choosing between love and friendships, family, goals, career, or hobbies.

An introvert will always understand the importance of space and alone time because they are so self-sufficient.
The introvert needs time alone to unwind, to recharge, to clear their minds and when you need the same they will understand and respect your wishes and never take offense.

Introverts live so much inside of their heads that they become highly stimulated by imagination and therefore are some of the most creative of people. They make great thinkers, great writers and great artists. The introvert carries untapped universes in their mind and overflowing oceans in their hearts and all they want to do is give. They make for some of the most passionate, giving and understanding of lovers.

The introvert isn’t cold, the introvert just doesn’t have time for bullshit. The introvert makes the warmest of lovers. TC mark

Natalia Vela

poet and bruja. still checking books out from your local library.

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