14 Seemingly Little Things That Will Kill Your Relationship

The holidays are here and with so many unnecessary stressors already in the mix, why don’t you throw one more on the pile and think about whether or not your relationship is headed for the shittier.

Celeste and Jesse Forever
Celeste and Jesse Forever

1. Time
Time can take it’s toll on even the strongest couples, so if you weren’t that compatible to begin with, it should be no surprise that your relationship of six months (the amount of time it takes normal to become super comfortable with one another) or so is starting to fall apart.

2. Distance
Absence makes the heart grow fonder… or not at all actually. That expression is better suited for candy corn and that annoying acquaintance you realize isn’t all THAT bad once you’re forced to be around her. With most romantic couplings, “out of sight, out of mind” is a more appropriate cliché.

3. Nagging
The idea of whining each other to death conjures up images of misunderstood 50s housewives and their bored husbands, but picking at each other over and over again continues to be the downfall of many relationships. Now take the fucking trash out for once.

4. Lack Of Sex
It’s normal for there to be ebbs and flows in your bedroom life, but if you and your partner have given in to smoking pot and watching six Datelines in bed every night instead of getting it on, it’s possible that sooner enough, Keith Morrison will be the only man keeping you company at night. Although that doesn’t sound that bad. His voice is just so goddamn soothing.

5. Technology
If you’d rather be scrolling through Instagram or attempting to get three stars on level 238 of Angry Birds than talking to your signif oths, you clearly aren’t looking for the company of humans.

6. Television
You can totally bond while binging Breaking Bad or Scandal, but you can also totally check out of your relationship. Distracting yourselves with a fictional world every time you hang out instead of you know, fucking talking to each other for a change is a big sign that you don’t like where you actually are.

7. Jealousy
No one wants to be accused of “looking at her ass” or “stalking his Facebook.” These kinds of accusations are so childish it’s groan-worthy the first time you hear them, let alone if you hear them all. The. Time.

8. Pettiness
Keeping score of every fight and choosing passive aggression over adult conversation are the Hallmarks of a person destined to be alone until they get a clue.

9. Impossible Expectations
When you’re committed to one person, you have to remember that they are one PERSON—even when they show up a little late and looking like shit because they’ve been working like crazy. As long as disappointing instances and personality traits are few and far between, you’re probably just paying the price of truly getting to know someone.

10. Lack Of Consideration
Forgetting special days in your life, not making time for your friends, always picking the restaurant and movie are the habits of those who are not used to making room in their life for another person and they should be schooled if they’re willing or avoided all together.

11. Money
This doesn’t always have to be a problem between couples, but it tends to be. When one of you is paying for everything, it creates resentment on both sides. When neither of you are paying for anything… well then, you’re probably both homeless and don’t really have time for a relationship right now.

12. Joblessness
Financial stuff aside, being with someone unemployed when you’re working full time is hard to maintain. They’re broke and wanting to “hang” all the time, you’re saving some cash and running to and from the office every day. A lot of folks feel dragged down by a dynamic like that, especially if you don’t have faith that your partner is doing anything to better their situation.

13. Lack Of Boundaries
No means no and this goes for all scenarios. If you like going to bed early and your boyfriend keeps pushing you to stay up and watch conspiracy videos on YouTube, you’re going to be exhausted the next day. All of a sudden you’re underperforming at work, your place is a mess, you start falling behind on your bills and before you know it—you’re back living with your folks, working at Blockbuster. And they don’t even HAVE Blockbuster anymore! That’s how bad it is to not have boundaries! You work at a ghost store!

14. Friends/family
If you hate each other’s friends and/or families, your relationship is all but a ticking time bomb. God bless. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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