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The Biggest Life Lesson You’ll Learn This Autumn, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


You’ll learn the beauty of the process, that the best things take time, and that sometimes the most beautiful views are on the way to where you’re headed, not the destination itself.


You’ll learn the joy of being wrong. Sounds crazy to you probably, but there is a certain happiness in discovering that you truly don’t know it all and that there is so much to learn and discover about the world.


You will learn to follow your curious heart with your entire being, even if that gets you into trouble sometimes. Some say you’re inconsistent, and they may be right, but this fall you’ll learn to work with what you’ve got and see the bright side in always looking for what’s next.


You’ll learn to be at peace with the fact that people will not love the same ways you do. You’re a little more sensitive than most, and that’s okay! This fall, you’ll realize that this is a strength and not a weakness by any means.


You will learn the value of letting someone else take center stage every now and then, that sometimes being a wallflower gives you new perspectives and insights you wouldn’t have had the opportunity to discover and see if you were constantly in the limelight.


You will learn that being way too hard on yourself isn’t beneficial or inspiring. It doesn’t prevent you from making mistakes, it just makes you feel like shit. This autumn, you’ll learn the value of positive self-talk and start implementing that into your life.


You’ll learn that holding a grudge does not bring about justice to a situation. Rather, you’ll discover it only drives a wedge between your closest relationships; and the longer that wedge is there, the more difficult it will be to break it free. This autumn, you will lean into forgiveness rather than hanging onto pain.


You’ll learn that without trust, there is no love. This autumn, you’ll learn the importance of letting people in. You may not master having faith all the time, but you will understand its imperativeness for healthy and strong relationships.


You’ll learn that it’s okay to deeply care and that you do not have to be so flippant about everything all the time. There is a fine balance between caring too much and too little, and you fall on the latter end of that spectrum. This fall, you’ll find peace in vulnerability and allowing yourself and your feelings to be truly seen.


You’ll learn that working hard doesn’t always mean you’ll succeed or get what you want, but there is always something to be taken away from working your ass off anyway. Discipline is built upon, hard work is a skill, and the integrity found in trying your best is everything.


You’ll learn to that it’s okay to feel, and to feel those things deeply. There is freedom in truly expressing all that it is that is going on in your mind and your heart. You will gradually ease into the idea of sharing more of your emotions with the world, rather than leaving it all locked inside.


You’ll learn that dancing around problems doesn’t make them go away, it only makes them worse. This autumn, you’ll realize that you need to start facing issues head-on, rather than waiting for them to disappear. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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