No One Can Determine Your Worth And Five Other Things You Owe It To Yourself To Learn

This Is Your Uplifting Reminder For August, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Slowing down will not prevent you from getting to your destination, rather it will simply make the journey a little more enlightening. Remember to take the time to notice each tree, not just the forest. Each one has a lesson to share, listen for it.


It’s great to be so incredibly sure about what it is you believe, but sometimes there is magic in being mistaken and being proven wrong. Remember to embrace those moments. Broken hearts are merely redirections and sometimes not getting what you thought you always needed is a blessing in disguise.


You have time to do everything you’re meant to do, so stop trying to do it all at once. Take a moment to step back and tackle life as it comes. You don’t need to have it all figured out right now, just this moment.


Remember to be as kind to yourself as you are to everyone else. Talk to yourself like your own best friend and you will never be steered wrong.


Continue to learn what you deserve and honor what you want out of this life. Try your best not to be swayed by the opinions of others. While there is always value in listening to someone else’s point of view, you really know what’s best for yourself. Trust your heart.


Being perfect is not a requirement for living a fulfilled life, just a really fucking boring one. Give yourself space to be messy and chaotic every now and again. It will do you some good, trust me.


Your calming presence attracts many people into your life. Your gentle and harmonious nature is addictive in a way. However, be sure to take care of yourself, too. While you do a great job of tending to everyone else’s problems, remember your own, too.


The world is not always going to burn you. People are not always going to hurt you. You have seen what happens when love and trust are betrayed, and you remember the painful letdown all too well. However, there are people in your life (or who will come into your life) who will not leave you emotionally drained. They will inspire you to tear your walls down instead of finding another reason to build them higher. Never let those people go.


You are a bit chaotic, but that’s simply because you have a passion for life that is unrivaled by anyone else. You live hard and fully and that is something to be admired. Your heart is always in the right place, even if your execution sometimes falls a little short. There is pride to be had in always trying to do the right thing in your own way; keep being yourself. The world will understand.


The other shoe isn’t always going to drop, Capricorn. There is so much joy to be had in this life only if you would let it in. Let your guard down and accept that disappointment might happen. And you know what? You’ll get through it if it does. You have before. And besides, so much good might happen too. Closing yourself off prevents you from experiencing that. I promise that living fully is worth the risk.


Your feelings matter. Your words matter. You matter! Let yourself and your emotions be heard. Yes, it’s vulnerable and there is always a chance someone might not get it. However, owning what you feel is one of the best things you can do for yourself. It takes strength to acknowledge it all; and you have the power to do so.


Keep dreaming and striving for the reality you know could be yours. Some say you have your head in the clouds, and that might be true. But that’s a lot better than never wanting anything at all. There’s so much beauty in your longing, Pisces. Never lose sight of that part of yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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