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This Is The No Bullshit Pep Talk You Need To Hear Right Now, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


You don’t give a fuck and that’s admirable as hell. Keep doing you and life will fall into place.


Keep being stubborn as hell in your beliefs, in your loyalty, and in who you are as a person. It’s rare to find someone who sticks to what they believe in so adamantly. Don’t change that.


Not knowing what you want is a damn good opportunity to explore everything life has to offer. Keep getting lost as fuck and find yourself along the way.


Your gift is your sensitivity. Fuck anyone who says feeling too much is a bad thing. It’s what gives you your compassion and adds more vibrancy to your life.


You’re hot as shit and you know it. That’s not arrogant, it’s simply self-aware. Keep knowing your worth and say “fuck off” to anyone who doesn’t see it. They just don’t deserve to bask in your glow.


Take a damn day off once in a while, would you? From everything. From your worry, your work, your projects, your relationships. Focus on taking care of your fucking self for once and notice how much more #zen you feel.


Not everything can be balanced all the fucking time, and that’s okay. Learning to roll with the punches life will inevitably throw at you will be the best thing you learn to do.


It’s okay to protect your heart and to not give away your trust so easily. In fact, it’s smart! However, you take it to a whole new fucking level and it’s leaving you lonely. Being able to depend on yourself is great, but sometimes it’s okay to lean on someone else. It’s the only way to get through this damn life.


Believe it or not, it’s actually cool to care a little too much every once in a fucking while. Allow yourself to feel things deeply sometimes and not also try and deflect with sarcasm and humor. It’s okay to let people and feelings and moments into your heart.


Work on being more damn forgiving to not only others but yourself too. You hold a grudge like no one’s fucking business and it doesn’t keep you protected from bad things, it simply keeps your past front and center rather than your future. Let shit go every now and then and feel your life become a whole hell of a lot lighter.


You’re always running from emotional expression, Aquarius, but you know what? Eventually, you’re going to run out of your goddamn breath and have no choice but to say something. And by then, it’s usually a little too late. Own what you feel when you feel it and speak up when someone is pissing you off or if something is bothering you. It’ll do you some good.


Don’t let the assholes get you down. They are never worth your time. Ever. Focus on the ones who lift you up and don’t drag your ass down. Who you don’t have to prove anything to. Those are your people. Embrace them and watch your life improve. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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