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10 Reasons Why The Best Relationship Of Your Life Will Be With An Old Soul

1. They are incredibly empathetic.

Old souls also tend to be empaths. They are incredibly in tune with the emotions and feelings of others, especially of those they hold close. Often, they will be able to sense (sometimes even before you can) when you need space, or when you simply need a hand to hold. Their high awareness of what your needs are at any given moment makes them a wonderful partner.

2. They don’t play games.

Old souls are not interested in playing hard to get or partaking in the chase. In fact, they find the rules of modern dating to be absolutely exhausting. To them, it doesn’t make sense to act like they don’t like someone when they do, or to leave someone they really care about hanging. An old soul will always let you know what they feel and will never leave you guessing.

3. They don’t mind being the one who loves more deeply.

Old souls recognize that they experience the world much more intensely than the average person, and express what they feel more deeply, too. This includes the ways in which they love. They understand and appreciate that not everyone will, or can, love the way they do and so they are happy being the one who loves more deeply. After all, they know it’s not a matter of them loving more. It’s just that they love differently.

4. They are fiercely loyal.

They will always stand up for you when you aren’t around, and will always be by your side when you need them; especially when you need them. Loyalty comes easily to old souls because they’ve learned that it’s loyalty that is the foundation of strong and healthy relationships. They know without it, the other important facets of a relationship (love, trust, stability, etc.) are simply not possible.

5. They will continue to care for you when you’re at your darkest.

When you are at your lowest, when all the ugly parts that live deep within in you start to show through, an old soul will not turn the other way. They will not judge you. An old soul understands that having pain is all part of the human condition, and will love you through your darkness because they still see all of your light.

6. They will love you in little ways every single day.

Old souls know that it’s the little things that make up our lives. They won’t be one to go all out with grand gestures of love, but instead will look for to the fleeting moments of the everyday to show you they love you and care for you. They know that it’s these tiny instances that what matter the most.

7. They will always fight for you.

Even when they are frustrated or angry with you, even when all hope feels lost. An old soul does not give up on real love that easily. An old soul fights for it.

8. They know love is not easy.

Old souls understand that love takes work. They know it’s made up of compromise and sacrifices. They do not have an idealized, unrealistic vision of love. They know it will never be perfect, that the two of you will never be one hundred percent. They always put in the work necessary because they know true love is always worth it.

9. They will open your eyes to a whole new way to view the world.

Old souls have a deep understanding of what it means to be alive and human. They look at the way life happens in unique and appreciative ways, ways you never even thought to consider before you met them.

10. They are not afraid to show how much they love you.

Despite the rules of modern dating, despite being part of a world that fears intimacy and connection, an old soul will love you openly and proudly, embracing the vulnerability that’s necessary for deep love with grace and passion. You will never experience another love like them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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