Travel Is Wanting To Stay But Needing To Go

Larm Rmah
Larm Rmah

Travel is blurry memories, eager eyes, dizzy feet, and foreign streets.

It’s the $2 bottle of wine with strangers in the alley, it’s beers on the beach with that girl from Barcelona.

It’s small talk that turns into pillow talk.

One more bite, one more kiss, one more… It’s always gone too soon.

It’s stumbling home at sunrise and rolling out of bed at sunset, dinner at midnight and breakfast at noon.

It’s ‘I’ve got no plans for the day’ turning into ‘I just had the best day’. It’s waking up every morning always on the verge of getting sick, but never feeling more alive.

Travel is living a lifetime each week. It’s an empty calendar full of memories.

It’s walking into a room full of strangers and leaving with new best friends. Travel is ‘we’ve been talking for the last hour but I never got your name.’

Travel is ‘I wish I met you earlier.’

Travel is ditching the ‘real world’ to see the real world.

It’s daydreams and safaris, coconuts and palm trees, city scenes and cobblestone streets. It’s the train that won’t stop, the bus that left too soon, the flight you won’t make.

Travel is leaving pieces of yourself in one city only to look for the missing parts in the next. It’s high fives and silly grins, ripped jeans and dirty t-shirts, empty wallets and sore throats. It’s waking up to an empty room, realizing everybody’s moved on to their next stop. It’s when nothing reminds you of home. It’s when everything reminds you of home.

Travel is forgetting where home actually is.

Travel is wanting to stay but needing to go. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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