8 Real Reasons Why She Is Guarded

1. She is guarded because she fears that you will see the real woman behind the brave face. The real person behind the sweet smile. You will see the real her. Not the character she plays so effortlessly.

2. She is guarded because she fears that you will be the one person to break down the walls that she has built around her heart. You will expose her deepest insecurities. You will make her face the reality that she is not perfect.

3. She is guarded because she fears rejection. If she reveals how she truly feels about you, she struggles with the possibility that you won’t feel the same.

4. She is guarded because she fears happiness with you. She will question how long this happiness will last. The past has shown her that happiness cannot last forever.

5. She is guarded because she fears being vulnerable with you. So instead she acts closed off. She never reveals too much about herself out of fear that you will judge her.

6. She is guarded because she fears that you will see her imperfections. You will see her flaws because you have the power to bring them to light.

7. She is guarded because she fears heartbreak. She knows that one day you will hurt her. Just like she was hurt so badly in the past.

8. She is guarded because she fears falling in love with you. Being in love brings commitment and partnership. The woman used to being alone fears sharing her life with someone.

So she keeps her guard up and refuses to let you in. She will not get emotionally attached. 

Life has taught her a hard lesson. Life has shown her that people will eventually let you down. So instead of getting her hopes up with you, she acts distant. She knows that in time you will give up on her and move on.

But deep inside her heart of hearts, the guarded girl knows that it is her fear that is driving her through life. She wants you to reveal the real person, the real her.

She wants you to break down her walls, she wants you to tell her how you feel, she wants you to teach her vulnerability, and most of all she wants to fall in love.

So don’t walk away just yet. TC mark

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