50 Fun Activities You Can Do With Your Partner


In a romantic relationship and panicking because you ran out of things to do? Don’t worry! Here’s a starter list of 50 fun, exciting, and simple activities you can do with your significant other! Whether it’s exotic or finding the small, beautiful things in life, you’ll never run out of things to do with the one you love.

• Go for a bike ride
• Randomly give them a gift
• See a movie
• Go camping
• Create a mix tape together
• Talk openly about your feelings
• Share dreams with each other
• Cuddle (who doesn’t love cuddling?!)
• Sit together in the park
• Take a walk together
• Have a picnic
• Play Frisbee
• Take a spa day
• Go swimming
• Go grocery shopping
• Cook a meal
• Road trip!
• Throw a birthday party
• Bake cookies
• Go to the library
• Day at the museum
• Wash each other’s cars
• Go fishing
• Write each other letters
• Have phone conversations for hours
• Go hiking
• Send candy
• Go for a moonlit walk
• Hide love notes where the other person will find it
• Write a poem
• Send flowers
• Eat dinner by candlelight
• Go to a concert
• Watch the sunrise together
• Watch the sunset together
• Go out dancing
• Laugh
• Go to Disneyland
• Go to the beach
• Travel the world
• Take a train ride through the countryside
• Scrapbook
• Play a game of Mario Kart (my personal favorite)
• Draw a picture of your partner
• Give massages
• Volunteer at a charity event
• Take silly pictures
• Climb a jungle gym
• Enjoy each other’s company
• Tell your partner “I love you”

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