We Caught Something On Our Voice Recorders While We Were At The Axe Murder House

This has been a long time coming — but to be honest, I didn’t expect to get much out of our EVP sessions. Chrissy and I were “armed” with parabolic dishes and we didn’t hear anything out of the ordinary. We did have first-hand accounts of bizarre things happening to each of us — with me having the most turbulent “sleep” I’ve ever experienced in my life. (Check out the liveblog we did here.)

When Chrissy forwarded me this four-second long sound clip extracted by Heidi and Tim, I dropped everything I was doing at the time to listen to it.

The clip goes like this:

Me: Let me pick up my K-II.
Rob: Okay.
Voice: No.

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/179635092″]

Let me be clear — this was during an EVP session where it was only “the boys” (Rob Fee and myself) up in the attic. It was when we were wrapping up the session because nothing was happening — at least, that’s what we thought. I recall asking Rob if he wanted to leave. He agreed, so I said “Let me pick up my K-II.” My voice is faint, as if I am across the room. Rob was in possession of the recorder, which is why his voice sounds clearer. What boggles me is how loud and crisp that “No” sounds.

Did this “presence” want us to continue our investigation? Were we asking the wrong questions? Should we have been more patient?

Listening to this clip over again just gives me the chills. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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