This Might Be The Best Civil War Strategy Game Since Sid Meier’s Gettysburg!

I’ve been looking for a Civil War real-time strategy game ever since I played Sid Meier’s Gettysburg! some time during the end of middle school. I remember not being too enamored with it (particularly because I was prone to impatience and took a lot of risks to ever win any of my skirmishes). I’ve changed since my earlier days (actually, I don’t think I have).

I’ve been on a strategy game kick recently (along with simulation games. I’m looking at you, Football Manager), having downloaded Democracy and Crusader Kings 2 (if you’re a GoT fan, you should most definitely get CK2 and get the GoT mod). Now, I have my eyes on this: Ultimate General: Gettysburg. It’s in beta, but still, the game looks pretty freaking sweet. The maps, according to the developers are historically accurate, as well as the armies that you will be leading. According to the developers, there’s tons of opportunities for modders to leave their mark.

I’m really excited to see this indie game come to fruition. Check it out on Steam. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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