18 People Talk About What It Feels Like To Be An Introvert

9. Kyreena Hay

I enjoy it, but it would be more enjoyable if society would just let you be. Even my own partner can’t help but get frustrated with me for not wanting to be around people. Life is a constant battle of wanting to be alone and in your comfort zone, and pushing yourself to try be more sociable. When you don’t go out, you feel bad, but when you go out you feel uncomfortable and want to go home. Sometimes it works out ok, but the amount of times you end up feeling anxious and like you want to go home, makes it harder to muster the motivation to go out again.

Sometimes I am envious of people with best friends, particularly girls who go out and do things together. But I just can’t keep a relationship going with anyone; as soon as we get close, I freak out and back off. I don’t like the idea that I will have to commit to something. I want my freedom. It’s a miracle I am in a romantic relationship at all, all thanks to his persistence!

Left to my own devices, I would go to an event, then sit in a corner reading or drawing rather than interacting with people. I’ve done just that several times, and quite enjoyed the comfort of being with others, without actually having to interact with them. Pity it makes me look rude or snobbish.

Little Visuals
Little Visuals

10. Tetiana Moroz

Actually it feels not bad to be an introvert.

To name typical sides of this well-being:

  • I am not bored when I am by myself.
  • I spend a lot of time thinking and analyzing.
  • I can don’t value people based on appearance, usually my opinion is well thought and weighted.
  • I hate small talks because to me it’s energy and time wasting.
  • I don’t like crowds, I prefer individuals.
  • I tend to have my own opinion, which can be opposite to majority.
  • I appreciate deep personalities.
  • I manage to develop life-long relationships.
  • I understand very well that each person has a right for personal space and
  • I respect that right.
  • I feel very lonely when I am surrounded by people who do not understand me.
  • I don’t feel constant need for a company, e.g. I am very self-motivated.
  • I don’t get impressed by social, political or career status of anybody.


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