18 People Talk About What It Feels Like To Be An Introvert

2. Ratnakar Sadasyula

I have been an introvert for the last 40+ years or so, and still am to an extent. And it has never been an easy thing to bear. For starters people assume that just because you are “introverted”, you are “arrogant, stand offish, rude”. You are seen as boring, less likely to be invited to parties or social gatherings. In fact introverted people are not seen as “normal” by some people. You find it hard to get dates, get hitched, even if you get married, people wonder how you will get along with your life partner. Add to it movies more often than not show up “introverts” as dangerous, psychotic kinds or obsessed stalkers, which is anyway another point.

But here are some points I want to share about being an introvert.

  • No one is a 100% introvert, its more like a 50-50 ratio , in some, the introvert ratio is slightly higher, maybe around 60-70%. So introverts can speak and can express, they are not exactly tongue tied.
  • Introverts usually speak on those topics that interest them. If something does not interest them, they are least interested. I can go on and on about movies, or sports, but I can hardly speak on fashion trends. As an introvert, if a topic does not interest me, I don’t speak, I just can’t feign interest to impress someone.
  • Introverts are not rude and standoffish, we just need our own private space. We just want that time to ourselves, where we can think,ponder and be back. And we hate that space being intruded upon. Respect our privacy, our right to be by ourselves, and trust me, we can be the best friends for life.
  • Introverts may not be very good talkers, but are usually good listeners. I may not be the life of a party or function, but if you need someone to share your personal feelings with I am with you. Being an introvert, but more importantly being a good listener, was often privy to many close secrets of my friends. And yes being an introvert, people trust you more not to reveal their secrets.

Do introverts feel lonely?

Yes I did, many a time, when not invited to a function or party, when I had to watch a movie alone or in a new place, when I had none else to share with I felt even lonelier, when I would see couples dating, and I had no one. But then over the course of years, learned to live with my loneliness. Being lonely enabled me to discover life, in a way i could not have, otherwise. It made me watch movies which I could not otherwise in a group, pick up the books I wanted to read. It helped me to think, gather my thoughts, which in a way helped in my writing later on.

Introverts are “normal” people, who just need their own space, who prefer to talk on what interests them, and who can be good listeners. There is nothing wrong in being one.


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