14 Signs You Are A Grammar Nazi

Thier is nothing that makes me more angrier then people making spelling mistakes and grammar mistake online. I’m sure you all are with me when I say USE SPELL CHECK! Am I right?

1. People mixing these two up fill you with rage.

  1. You’re
  2. Your

They sound similar, yes. You’re correct, but the way they’re used — completely different. Grammar nazis will make sure you understand that you’ve used the wrong “your” when you update your Facebook status: “I just saw you’re grandma at the grocery store and she flirted with me.”

2. Okay, when people mix these up, you feel white-hot rage too.

  1. They’re
  2. Their
  3. There

3. You belittle people when they make simple tense mistakes.

4. Your social media updates are all in proper English, no matter what. Ah, so you really bruised your knee. You must upload a picture on Instagram, but only with correct punctuation and proper grammar!

5. You know Grammar Nazi jokes.

6. You physically cringe when people write “to” instead of “too” and the only thing that crosses your mind is fist to face and a whole lot of red.

7. You’ve said the phrase, “Punctuation saves lives,” more than once.

8. Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo Answers… You’ve held your head in your hands and bemoaned the literacy of our generation.

9. You’ve left incendiary comments on public forums chastising publications on publishing articles with tiny typos.

10. No one leaves a comment on your Facebook wall in fear of you correcting their grammar.

11. Your comment history is made up of corrections. Because that’s all you do. Correct people.

12. You’ve actually stopped mid-conversation to correct word usage.

13. You have gotten into arguments about correct pronunciation. Potayto or potahto?

14. That intro paragraph made you sweat and clench you’re teeth in anger. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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