50 Haunting, Unexplainable Incidents Retold By People From The Internet

14. damonkay

I was traveling with my mother in the South of France. She went jogging early in the morning and I stayed in the hotel room sleeping. After a couple of hours I clearly heard someone knocking on the door. I instantly got up and opened the door. And there was my mother looking very surprised, she had her arm raised about to knock the door, but she still hadn’t knocked it. She even asked me how the hell I knew I had to open the door.

I’d say it was a combination of dreaming and one hell of a coincidence. I also used to see strange silhouettes late at night in my bedroom when I was very young. But I’m pretty much sure that was the result of some sleep paralysis I used to have.

15. Karvid

This happened to me just under twenty minutes ago, and everything you’re about to read is true.

First, for some context: I went to a school for two years, which I left last May or June when I finished my sophomore year in high school. I haven’t talked to anybody there since then. Also, I’m a guy and I have long hair.

I was sitting in bed, reading a book when I heard the doorbell downstairs. My mom opened the door, and the person outside told her that he was a friend of mine. So she told me to go outside and see what he wanted. When I saw him, I was really confused; this is a guy I’ve talked to two or three times in my entire life and whom I haven’t seen at all for over a year. He said to me, “Hey, come out here for a second, I need to talk to you.”

I step outside, and he tells me, “I need your hair.”


“I lost my pubes and I need your hair.”

“Yeahh… that’s not gonna happen.”

“How about just this small part right there?” (pointing to some of my hair)

“No, and I’m pretty sure there are women down the street who have more hair than I do.”

“Maybe, but yours is the right color.” [I forgot to mention that I’m a white guy with light brown hair, and he’s black]

“I’m sorry, but I’m not giving you any of my hair.”

He finally left. He didn’t ask for anything else; he didn’t even say anything more than what I just wrote. Now I’m sitting here, completely confused about what just happened to me.

What happened to me?


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