50 Haunting, Unexplainable Incidents Retold By People From The Internet

9. utterpedant

I was 17 and dating a girl who lived in a trailer in Indiana. She often talked about how the trailer was haunted by a poltergeist her family called Bob the Ghost. Bob would apparently do things like open drawers or push cups off the kitchen table. I hadn’t witnessed any of this personally.

I was visiting and sitting at the kitchen table with the girl and her mother. Above the table was a small, wall-mounted set of display shelves with some plates propped up on them.

While we were talking, I saw the girl’s mother glance up, and her eyes went wide. I looked and saw the entire shelf rack, dishes and all, moving straight out, off and away from the wall. It was as if it was sliding smoothly on an invisible track.
The shelf stopped and hovered two feet or so away from the wall and about a foot below the ceiling. It stood completely stable in midair – no wobbling, no shaking. The plates didn’t rattle or shift, and they should have fallen backwards off the shelves the second they moved away from the wall.

The shelf hovered in midair for a few long seconds, and then flung itself down on the kitchen table with tremendous fury. It didn’t fall; there was definite force behind it. The plates smashed, the shelf broke, and glass flew everywhere.

We all jumped up from the table. We stood there, feeling weird and slightly foolish, and then started cleaning up the glass. My girlfriend’s mother later said, “Well, now you’ve met Bob.”

I completely realize this story is insane. Occam’s Razor says either my girlfriend’s mom played an elaborate trick on me, or I’m making this whole story up. All I can do is say that neither of those explanations is true. I am at a complete loss, however, to explain what truly did happen the day I met Bob the Ghost.

10. iheartchrisyang

When I was around 9 years old, I was upstairs in my room reading some random book for class. I stopped reading when I heard the garage door open, and started walking downstairs towards the hallway leading to the garage. When I reached halfway down my staircase, I see my Dad walking down the hallway with only the nightlights shining in the hallway illuminating the hall. It was strange of him to not turn on the lights because he usually did when he got home from work. I casually said, “Hi Dad”, and climbed back up the stairs to my Mom’s room. I told my Mom that Dad was home, but she responded in a manner of disbelief and confusion. She said that it was too early for him to be back at work and that she didn’t hear the garage door open. I argued and said that I just saw him and greeted him, but she thought I was nuts. So, I went back downstairs to prove that I was right, but the whole downstairs area was vacant. I checked his office, the kitchen, the hallway, bathrooms, and he wasn’t present. It took me a good 5 minutes to realize that I had just seen something out of the ordinary, and when I did realize it, I sprinted to my Mom’s room in fear. I explained the whole situation to my Mom, but she didn’t believe me and told me to calm down. An hour later, I heard the garage door open again, but this time, the lights actually turned on and my Dad actually came home from work. So wtf did I see?


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