50 Haunting, Unexplainable Incidents Retold By People From The Internet

7. punctual

When my sister and I were in high school, we, along with our friends, started playing around with the Ouija board, as silly high school girls will do. My mother, who is a Super Christian (TM), was very opposed to this and insisted that it was a form of contacting the occult, which is explicitly prohibited by the Bible. We, being budding little atheists, laughed at her.

So, one evening, we are playing with the Ouija board in our playroom, which was on one side of the kitchen. We finished up and went into our family den, which is on the other side of said kitchen. We were chilling with our mom and the dogs when we heard an unearthly howl coming from the playroom. Just one, long, bone-chilling, demon howl. We all froze. I went to check out the room, but obviously nothing was there, and all of the pets were in the den.

We stopped using the Ouija after that. I’m sure it is some weird coincidence, like a rogue wolf somehow got into the suburbs or something, but it definitely sounded as though it was coming from inside the house, not outside.

8. nnnnnasty

Perhaps too late to be widely read, but my Ouija board experience was as equally unsettling. My dad died in May of 2008 and I missed the last week of school but never really told anybody except my then girlfriend because the whole, “Oh-I’m-so-sorry-let-me-know-if-you-need-anything” shindig makes me comfortable.

That summer we were fooling around with the board outside a friend’s house, and we started talking to somebody that said she died of cancer in the 1950s or something. We asked if it knew anything about any of us, and it crossed the board to the first letter of my name. “What do you know about nnnnnasty?” we asked. I took my fingers off the board and just sat there. It spelled out, “M-A-Y” and I just sat there. “What happened in May?” somebody asked. “D-A-D” the board spelled out, and everybody looked at me to see if it meant anything to me.

I just said, “Yeah, uhhhh, my dad died last month,” and just looked at my girlfriend at the time, who had also taken her fingers off the board when it spelled May. Somebody asked me if I wanted them to keep going and I said, “Sure,” so they asked if my dad wanted to say anything to me. The board said, “No.”


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