50 Haunting, Unexplainable Incidents Retold By People From The Internet

40. Far2Gone

One summer, I stayed over at my best friend’s house almost every night, because we would have weights for football early in the morning. We lived in a small rural town in Indiana.

His house was around 70 years old and there were alot of things that were weird about it. On all of the upstairs bedrooms the locks were on the outside of the doors and they were all very heavy locks. In one of the rooms there was a closet with a sort of closet inside of it with a heavy wooden door leading to the second enclosure inside of it. Also both the door to the closet and the heavy wooden door had locks on them from the outside.

The basement of the house was unfinished and when you came down the stairs the first thing you noticed was that there was a hole knocked through one of the walls in the basement and on the other side of the wall there was another room, that at one time or another had been sealed off. The basement was always dark and had the creepiest vibe I’ve ever felt in my life. So I never had the guts to go look inside the other room because of my fear that my friend would slam the door and trap me in the lightless basement.

Anyway one night we were sitting upstairs playing Animal Crossing of the GameCube and he decided to go down stairs to get on the computer while I stayed upstairs in the room with the double closet. Maybe 20 seconds after he left, I started hearing a rattle and then a banging coming from the closet, I stood there for a minute gathering my courage looking at the door before darting at it to click the lock on the door, but as I moved towards it the door creaked open. Sending me down the stairs after my friend. When I reached the bottom of the stair case I looked into the dark living room where I saw what I could have sworn was him sitting on the couch. I walked towards the couch and just as I was about to sit down I heard him yell for me from the den. I jumped away from the figure on the couch and ran into the den. Where I was asked what was wrong.

2 years later after I graduated high school I was talking to a neighbor of that house and she told me that roughly 15 years before my friend moved in there was a man and woman who lived there with roughly 7 or 8 foster children at a time. She said the foster kids always looked sickly and banged up. She then told me that one of the kids killed the dad with a hammer.

I never figured out what I saw that night but the old lady gave me the closest explanation I’ll ever need to never set foot in that house again.

41. surik

So I have a bit of a weird one, probably explainable, but I’ll tell anyway. I was about 8, maybe a little younger I lived out in the deserts of southern California kinda near Palm Springs. It was at night and my room of our family’s double wide mobile home had this huge window that faced a little mountain as well as the dirt road we were off of. I don’t remember the time but sometime in the night I awoke to this soft little tapping sound against the window. My bed was parallel to the window, opposite side of the room, so when I open my eyes and look over I see this coyote like thing staring back at me against the glass. It was standing up and looking in with its face pressed up against the pane, its claws tapping at the glass to actively get my attention. I swore too that it was trying to mouth words to me.

We stare at each other for a few moments, it seemingly to mutter something and tapping on the glass when I then quickly rolled out of bed, run out my door and go to the rifle rack in the living room about 15 feet away and get my dads Winchester (I’d been shooting rifles since i was about 5, so I knew how to operate it quite well). When I came back to my room, the thing quickly bolts. I closed the blinds and kept the rifle with me the rest of the night.

What was strange about it and, least in my kid mind at the time, was that it was larger than a coyote (no wolves in the area, just ‘yotes) and had the strangest eyes. Had a weird unnatural off yellow hue to them and weren’t very candid like at all. The way it acted and how I could almost swear thinking back on the event, it seemed to want me to let it inside.

I learned later of Skinwalkers and there were a lot of reservations around the area, so thinking back on it 15 years later, maybe. Or it was just a freakishly weird coyote.


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