50 Haunting, Unexplainable Incidents Retold By People From The Internet

29. junglist313

I was about 9 or so, swimming in a small pool with my sister. I came up from under water, and there was a loud buzzing noise behind me. I turned around and say what looked sort of like an enormous housefly-cicada hybrid, it had huge eyes the size of baseballs. It’s oval shaped body was about the size of a volleyball. My sister started screaming and snapped me out of my catatonia. I told her to run for the house because it could bite. The thing never moved though, it just hovered there. We ran all the way to the house looked back and it was gone.

Another story from the same house, about two years earlier. We had a swing set behind our garage and it was in a big sandbox. One day, before Nintendo, I took the hose out there and flooded the whole sand box and started patting the mud into pies. A swarm of gnats came up out of the mud. I got bored of swatting the gnats and came inside. About ten minutes later I hear my mom say “It looks like it’s going to storm outsi- Oh my god Bob get in here!” (Bob is my dad). What my mom thought was a storm cloud blocking out the sun was in fact a HUGE swarm of dragonflies.

They literally blocked the sun out and you could only see a few feet. They descended on our house. The swarm was so thick you could here it inside the house with the windows closed. They were flying into the windows so hard and in such numbers I thought they were going to break the glass. My dad and I went outside, he grabbed the skimmer for the pool and swung it through the air hitting probably 20 or so, but it made no difference. I got the hose and started trying to push it back. I can still remember the sound of the water splashing off the myriad of wings and bodies. The swarm stayed almost completely inside our yard, I would say about 25 feet or so in diameter. I distinctly remember my neighbor two doors down opening his back door to see what all the fuss was and staring slack-jawed at me and my father fighting off a black cloud of buzzing dragonfly armed only with a hose and a skimmer. After about 5 minutes. The swarm broke up and the dragonfly dispersed. We later were told that they were probably feeding off the gnat swarm I had created earlier.

30. kirmy

I worked in a pub on the West coast of Scotland in a small fishing village when I moved over from Australia. It was fairly run down and one of the first buildings in the area aside from the old “blackhouses” which are all but a memory now. It was a great place and full of characters.

One morning I was opening the pub and cleaning before opening the doors for business. As I was stacking the glasses onto the shelves a willowy woman with grey long hair in a plait walked past the window in the snug (upper level) down four stairs and around the corner to the lounge bar and past me. She made eye contact with me and gave me a withering look and walked into the women’s toilets. I got out a “Hi” before she stalked off. She had grey coloured eyes and a dark skirt on mid calf length and a white peasant blouse, sort of 1970’s style. I stood there thinking “rude bitch” and waited facing the toilet doors for her to emerge. It dawned on me a nano second later that the doors to the pub were still locked. I then got a tad scared thinking that this bampot had let herself in after me as I had come in the back door and: a) she could be a lunatic flouncing about or b) someone who had been locked in overnight and had been there all along.

Time ticks on and STILL no sign of this woman emerging from the loo. I had not taken my eyes off the toilet door as I thought perhaps this chick was a nutter and wanted to know why she was in the pub when it was closed. After 15 minutes I started to worry that something was wrong so I tentatively edged the door open and called in “excuse me are you alright in there” and was greeted with three empty toilet stalls and no sign of anyone at all. The windows are all barred as they are on ground level. I felt my stomach lurch. I looked around all of the stalls and pushed and pulled on all of the bars but they were welded in place. There were no crawl spaces etc.

Three nights later as we were closing up I told my work mate about my encounter and as we stood at the opposite end of the bar chatting over a dozen glasses slid off the shelf and into the sink as if in slow motion one after the other. None of the glasses were at the edge of the shelf, the shelf was not coming away from the wall. We put a pool ball on the shelf and it didn’t roll off. GULP! We then locked up and literally ran out without finishing prepping for the morning.

About a week later my then very annoying manager was fucking about in the back out the pub while I was hoovering the lounge bar before opening. The jukebox does this thing where it plays the last track played automatically if someone hasn’t put a track on for over 45 minutes. So I’m hoovering away and “Heartbreak Hotel” comes on VERY LOUD. I ignore it as much as I can and hurry through the hoovering and the track finishes and so do I. I pick up the Hoover and start to carry it out the back when my manager walks through and I have to back up to let her pass. We pass each other in front of the jukebox and she leans past me and turns it on at the wall. My eyes went from the switch to her face and I apparently went green. I told her what just happened and she said “Oh yes that happened a lot in your flat”! Whaaaaa?

Apparently the staff accommodation above the flat has some serious ghosty activity and unplugged radios and stereos played Elvis. At this I thought they were all taking the piss and the whole thing had been an elaborate hoax. I got really shitty with her thinking she was playing me for a fool. Fucking Elvis! Seriously!

Several nights later I am laying in bed in said flat and have left one of those safety pint glasses (one’s that don’t shatter but break into cubes when broken) on the sink (yes my crappy room had a sink in it…stained yellow naturally). I started to feel really spooked for no good reason and put my book down and look up. As I do the pint glass shattered and showered glass all over my bed and my legs. At that point I came very close to shitting my sheets. The room was heated to about 22 degrees centigrade and the windows were shut.

I moved out soon after. My experiences have now been added to a growing list of others in this particular pub. Scared the living fuck out of me! If I was conned then I doff my cap…it was a brilliant hoax and I was genuinely scared.


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